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Saturday, December 4, 2010

WallPops Wall Decals Review

Product: WallPops
Price: Ranges from $12 and up

I love decorating and am always looking for new projects to make decorating easier. I change my mind...a lot...and I have had some crazy designs in my past. The bathroom at our old house went from white walls to a crazy rooster border where the roosters were of cheetah, zebra and other animal prints (hard to explain and even harder to imagine why I chose that border over all the cutesy borders on the market). I had even went as far as to make the floor animal print by re-purposing old place-mats that had a cheetah print. It was one of my psycho-decor moments...kind of like a bad episode of Trading Spaces. When we moved to the new house, I promised myself "no crazy designs" and "no experimenting". But, I hate white walls. Always have...they just seem like this huge canvas that is just begging for something to be done to it and it taunts me daily...."Give me color".  Luckily, our house came pre-painted in a wonderful decor theme!! All the rooms were painted, aside from the spare bedroom and the kid's bathroom. I already tackled the white walls in the spare bedroom (I'll share pics later), but hadn't done anything to the kid's bathroom. That is...until I found WallPops!

WallPops is a company that offers many peel and stick vinyl wall decals. What does this mean? It means that I can decorate without an obligation. If I don't like the design, or change my mind...I can simply take it down and start again. They offer cute calenders that can be positioned anywhere and dry/erase designed decals that allows you to place a message board ANYWHERE in your home. They offer unique design combinations such as stripes, blox and dots that transform any wall into a unique design that looks like you had a professional decorator personally paint the wall. They also offer popular character designs such as:

  • Disney
  • Nickelodeon
  • Superheros
  • and more!!!
Plus, they offer the Fathead peel and stick decals. These are life sized decals in popular sports figures, or your child's favorite star such as Cinderalla, Star Wars and lots more!!

I wanted to attempt to get something that would fit the kid's bathroom and when I seen the Treehouse Wall Art Kit, I knew it would be the perfect fit!! I ordered it and it arrived super fast!! I waited a few days before attempting to put it up, as although I was excited to put up the design, I was worried that it would not be as easy as peel and stick and wasn't sure I wanted to tackle the job, but eventually I just went for it!

The treehouse kit came in several pieces, with the main pieces being that of the tree. It was the largest of the decals and was numbered as to which piece went on first and on. There were no directions in the box, I am assuming because it is a fairly simple concept...Peel. Stick. Done. However, I did need to refer to the picture several times to determine which way the tree design went on the wall. It did say ONE, but the design wasn't labeled with an UP or a DOWN and when you faced with a green irregularly shaped design, it became a little confusing. SO, of course, I put the decals on upside down....a few times. However, this gave me plenty of opportunity to test the "re-positionable" aspect of the decals. Let me assure you, they are completely re-positionable. Just be careful to gently pull the decal, preferably from the center of the decal so that you don't stretch out the decal. Then, move around until you are satisfied!! I actually had a larger design that required lining up several pieces. I did overlap these pieces a little, and when I have time, I might reposition them so they are not overlapping as you can see the overlap from a distance, but other then that, the design looks so adorable!!! It was so easy that I was able to let my kids do the little decals on their own! I love how it looks and can't wait to get more decals for other areas of my house!!!!  Like these birds that would perfect in my bedroom!!


WallPops offers many designs so you are bound to find one that matches your decor!! At present, they are offering 25% off all orders!!!! Great time to buy your favorite design!

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