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Monday, June 20, 2011

Endangerables CD Review and Giveaway

Product: Endangerables CD
Performed by: Fred Bogert
Category: Kids, Family, Music
Price: $7.99

"No matter How Far Away We Are, We Will Always Be Linked Together"
                   --The Endangerables

Deputy Endangerable is here to save the day!! Deputy Endangerable (aka --your little ones) first pledge to do their very best to protect all the species of our planet (including one another)! All they have to do is raise their right hand and repeat the Endangerables Oath and then the fun begins! It starts with learning the secret and official Deputy Endangerable handshake that will surely be a hit with your little ones and their friends! Then, put on the rocking CD and learn about ways to help save the planet through 10 originals songs, all composed by Fred Bogert, the three-time Emmy nominated musician-performer! Your child will learn such songs as:

  • Extinction For Extinction
  • Crocodile Shoes
  • Girls Rock & Rule
  • and many more!
The Endangerables consist of the following pals, all who are either endangered, threatened or vulnerable species, all working together to protect and care for all those that need help! You will meet:
  • Ulysses the Eagle
  • Milton the Orangutan
  • Sasha the Baby Seal
  • Bucksnort the Indian Rhino
  • Ms. Scarlet the Scarlet Macaw
  • Khul the Tiger
  • and many more!
Not only will your child learn some amazing, rocking tunes but these tunes will help to raise your child's awareness about the endangered species on our planet and how to help these species, as well as other animals on our planet!  The Endangerables pals are available in a plush toy as well, so your child can collect them all!!! 

Our Experience: As soon as I put the CD in, my son started dancing to the music! He's nine and although he has his own taste in music at this point, he was still greatly entertained by the Endangerables CD. The music is in tune with the current music trends and is definitely a CD that can be enjoyed by all ages!! My son loved the song "Crocodile Shoes" and I have admit, it was my favorite too!! Had a familiar beat and was very upbeat! He thought it was fun to learn the oath and the secret handshake and he immediately felt as though he was part of a special club!

Want to hear more songs? Not a problem. Simply visit the Endangerables website and preview some of these amazingly fun songs!! Also, if you have children  that would love to become Deputy right away, then visit the sign up page for them to become deputies! It's free and includes other great activities such as coloring pages, games and much more! Simply by signing up and putting "SSA" as the option for where you heard about the Endangerables, you will receive an email with a link to the free mp3 of the Endangerables theme song "Extinction to Extinction". 

Where to Purchase: The Endangerables website

ONE lucky reader will win an Endangerables prize pack consisting of:

  • One PLUSH TOY (winner can choose either Ulysses the Eagle, Milton the Orangutan, Sasha the Baby Seal, Bucksnort the Indian Rhino, Ms. Scarlet the Macaw or Khul the Tiger)
Giveaway Ends on JULY 10, 2011. Midnight Central

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT:  Winner of this giveaway is Eileen L. from Missouri!! Congrats Eileen!!


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