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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scandle Shimmering Body Candle Review

I absolutely love candles--mostly because they can change the ambiance of a room simply by stimulating the olfactory--but also because candles make me feel relaxed and cozy. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Scandle's new Shimmering Body Candle. I had never heard of a "body candle" before and so I was intrigued. Just what does a body candle do? Well, simply put, it turns a candle into a Scandle!

Scandle candles are designed to be used on the body! They can be used as a massage candle, a cuticle treatment, lotion or simply as aromatherapy. The Shimmering Body Candle burns at two degrees warmer than our body temperature, so it will not burn the skin, but will offer a completely wonderful shimmery lotion that not only moisturizes but also leaves the skin smooth and wrinkles less noticeable!

I must be really in the dark ages as I never knew such a product existed! When my candle arrived, I couldn't wait to try it! It's easy to use- simply light the candle and let burn for about thirty minutes or until the candle melts to the edges and then extinguish the flame. The melted portion of the candle is actually the lotion that will go directly on the skin. I assure you that there is no need to worry about the candle burning your skin. I was very skeptical at first and held my breath as the first drop landed on my skin and was relived that all I could feel was a pleasant warm sensation. It did not hurt a bit!

 The Scandle candle is amazing! From the moment it touched my skin I felt pampered and spoiled. It will definitely be a product I will use on a regular basis. The scent is luxurious and the lotion actually made my skin feel the softest it has felt in a long time! I love that. All the ingredients are natural and paraffin free, although it is not recommended for anyone that has an allergy to nuts or nut based products.

The Shimmering Body Candle comes in many wonderful scents such as Lavender, Love Spell, Hummingbird and many more including the holiday scents of Autumn Harvest and Pumpkin Pie Spice. A beautiful refillable ceramic canister with a pour spout is available as well, which makes it ideal for gift giving! It also comes in a travel size tin container, making it a "spa to go".

The candle lasts a long time and will burn for over 40 hours if used simply for the aromatherapy qualities and slightly less if used as a body oil (10 oz). I loved the fact that it left my skin feeling silky smooth and the scents are not overwhelming, which means I didn't get any complaints when I treated  my husband to a shimmering back massage.  He was a little shimmery when all was done, but he didn't seem to mind! What's great is that the Shimmering Body Candle  is innocent enough to be used in public situations and still seductive enough to go behind closed doors!

To learn more about the Scandle line of products or to follow by social networks, visit Scandle in the following places:

Where to Buy: The travel tin is only $13.95 and the refillable ceramic container with a pouring spout is only $22.95, with many accessory and gift items available for purchase as well directly from the website.

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received the travel tin size Shimmering Body Candle from Scandle for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed herein are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. 


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Friday, October 22, 2010

KT Tunstall "Tiger Suit" CD Review

KT Tunstall, the Scottish singer-songwriter known for her raspy voice and bluesy rhythm, has a new album that hit the shelves in America on Oct. 5, 2010. The new album titled "Tiger Suit" features the Top 20 radio hit "Fade Like a Shadow" as well as a combination of other songs that introduce Tunstall's nature techno combinations of electronic textures and acoustic revelations. The music choices are quite a shift from her previous hits of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", "Suddenly I See" and "Hold On" ....and because of this, a die hard fan might need to adjust to this newfound style and experience Tunstall in a completely different light--one where her voice is often hidden behind the hiccups and clicks of techno interference.

There are a few songs on the album, such as "Push That Knot Away" where the instrumentals blend effortlessly, allowing Tunstall's voice to be appreciated for the rawness and honesty it evokes. This is the Tunstall that I looked forward to hearing again and this is this is a Tunstall that I believe in. Even though the techo blends are not my favorite style, I am impressed that KT Tunstall took a leap in her musical direction to include some creativity that would reintroduce her voice to a new generation, where her music can continue to inspire and evoke musical expression!

The album consists of the following:

  • Uummannaq Song
  • Glamour Puss
  • Push That Knot Away
  • Difficulty
  • Fade Like a Shadow
  • Lost
  • Golden Frames
  • Come On, Get In
  • (Still A) Weirdo
  • Madame Trudeaux
  • The Entertainer

Follow KT Tunstall on these social networks: 

FTC Guidelines Require that I disclose that I received the album "Tiger Suit" at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. Thank you to One2One Network for providing the opportunity to review this album. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vapur Water Bottle--The Anti-Bottle Review

The Product: Vapur Water Bottle- the water bottle that can be taken virtually anywhere! Made of ultra durable BPA free polymer. Comes in an assortment of colors (Cyan Blue, Pink, Green, Smoke, Purple and Orange) and includes an attached carabiner for easy carrying, plus it is completely dishwasher safe (top rack only please). It holds 16 ounces of liquid and stands completely flat when filled. The bottle is able to be frozen and will double as an ice pack. Perfect for packing food on the go!  

What Makes it Unique: This is one unique water bottle!  The Vapur Water Bottle replaces the need to purchase bottled water and acts like a traditional alternative to water bottles that can be purchased for reuse, except for one unique quality. The Vapur bottle is completely collapsible. You read that right! Vapur bottles are designed for portability and fold completely for easy transport. Great for hikers, sports enthusiasts, traveling and vacation! It can be folded, unfolded, filled and then when empty, folded and stored. The Vapur bottles even have the ability to be labeled, so that each person in the household can have a bottle of the same color and still be able to identify their bottle. It is cost effective, at an average of 51 cents a year, unlike bottled water that can cost into the thousands per year! 

The ReviewOn first impression, it feels as though the Vapur bottle won't stand the test of time. It feels a little flimsy, but it is not! In fact, it is actually reinforced with two layers of nylon, which accounts for its durability! It's definitely a product I would recommend! The Vapur Bottle is perfect for going to amusement parks or family outings. I had previously purchased the stainless steel reusable bottles and we thought it saved us a lot of money while on vacation, but straight away, my children were trying to pawn their bottles off so that they didn't have to carry them. I usually end up having to juggle all the empty bottles. With Vapur, I simply have the kids fold up the bottle and put in their pocket or in my purse! The water bottle is able to be frozen and this makes it a great companion to packed lunches, coolers or for work and school, as it will still be cold when ready to drink. My husband works outdoors and we normally purchase bottled water for him to put in a cooler. With the Vapur bottle, all he as to do is freeze it the night before and grab it as he walks out the door! It stays cold for a long while as it defrosts, allowing him a nice cold beverage. I took the Vapur bottle with me to work and it was perfect as it stayed cold and allowed the food I packed to be cold until lunch time. Very convenient. The kids love the Vapur bottle for school because when they are finished, they just fold it up and put in their backpack and it doesn't leak or take up any additional room. I have it on my Christmas list for the family as I know that it will be one present they will use!!  

Where to Purchase: The Vapur bottle can be purchased directly from the website for only $8.95. Here, it is possible to also purchase replacement caps and tops. The Vapur bottle may also be found online at many different venues such as reuseit.com, Target, Amazon.com and GNC (and many more). 

Where to find: You can find Vapur at their website or on Twitter! 


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Black Cat Crossed My Path

It was Friday when the black cat darted across the gravel road in front of the truck. My son immediately squealed..."Now you're gonna have bad luck". We laughed and thought nothing of it. On Saturday, my main computer had a malfunction. It is a Toshiba Satellite Laptop that has had a faulty DC Power Jack almost from the moment I purchased it. I was offered to have it fixed while it was under warranty, however it was in the middle of a semester, and I couldn't function without it. I thought it would be an easy fix, and we (meaning my husband) figured out a way to jimmy the jack in place. It held and worked although the connection never was very  sturdy. That was until the black cat ran out in front of my truck on Friday night. Saturday: I decided I would put my course work to the side and get my house organized, as it was in dire straits to say the least. I knew I had assignments due on Sunday, but I had plenty of time...or so I thought. When I finally sat down that evening to do my work, the computer was dead. It took me a little while to figure out that the power cord was not making a good connection, so it had used the power from the battery, which was now drained completely. The power jack had once again came loose and was up inside my computer. I attempted time and again to get it to connect to the dc power supply, and once, it flickered like it might, but then nothing. After close examination I seen that the wires leading to the jack had snapped, rendering the Toshiba useless as I couldn't plug it in and the battery was dead. Woe me. My two assignments were due on Sunday, before midnight and nothing was open on Sunday...not the library nor the college campus, so I had no idea how I would even get to a computer to finish.

Then I thought of my other broken computer...my baby...my Alienware m5500 that served me well for three years. Unfortunately, the fan stopped working on it, causing it to have overheating issues that made it stay on for only short intervals. I plugged in the power supply and it actually responded, back from the dead! I dusted off the cover and crossed my fingers. I needed it to work just long enough to get my assignments done. However, straight away, it started overheating and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before it would shut down. I had to get my assignments done--I shook hubby awake. "Where is your green fan", I asked him. His eyes barely opened. "Hurry, hurry..before it dies". He opened his eyes a little further but was far from awake. He mumbled some directions and the only word I caught was "truck". I ran out to his truck and got the fan out and brought it into the house, plugged it in and sat my Alienware on top of it. It's a smaller fan of the desktop variety, so I nestled it in my lap and started accessing the web to complete my assignments. The fan trick WORKED! I was actually able to get my work done before the due date. I lookd ridiculus sitting on the couch with a fan in my lap, but the small laptop cooling unit didn't have enough power to keep it cooled.

But what does this have to do with the cat? Well, it didn't matter what I did this weekend, everything went wrong. I attempted to wash the dishes and broke one of the dishes from my mom's china set that she had left me when she passed away. Then, as I was cooking dinner, I opened the spice cabinet and the salt fell out and spilled on the counter (more bad luck), and then my son knocked his noggin on the door frame of his room, leaving a big welp smack dab in the middle of his forehead. I am just wondering what else awaits around the corner!

My husband doesn't believe in all the crazy superstitions and often laughs at my expense at all the ones I follow. I can't stand for someone to rock a rocking chair with no one in it, or open a umbrella indoors.  It never fails that if a bat gets in the house, someone close is soon to die!  It freaks me out when a bird hits the window and dies and for weeks after I shout "be careful" to everyone that leaves the house! Maybe it is crazy old wives tales..but just in case it's not, anyone know how to reverse the bad luck a black cat crossing your path brings?!

P.S. This means that my posts might be sporadic over the next few days until I am able to get one of these computers working properly!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zibits Mini R/C Robots--Welcome to the World of Zibits!

What do you think about when you think of Robots? Do you think of cute little toys that run around in circles and are controlled by remote control? Well, if not, then you must see the new toys by Senario!

Introducing Zibits!! These collectible mini remote controlled robots are certain to be a hit with the kid in your life!

We received the robot named Gek:

  • Program Traits: Smooth Talker
  • Specialty: Design and Engineering
Gek is one of twelve collectible Robots offered by Senario. Each Robot has a unique name (Go-B, Gunk, Scrapz, Shox, Tank..to name a few) and each has their own personality. Zibits are great for big kids and little kids (ages 6+) and kids at heart, but not recommend for children under the age of three as some of the parts can be potential choking hazards. 

How it Works: Zibits are easy to set up. Remove from the package, insert three LR44 watch style batteries into the Robot (inlcuded) and 2 AAA's into the Z-mote (not included), turn the Robot to the "on" position and then manuever the remote. The remote allows the Zibits Robot to go foward or rotate 360 degree radius. The robot's eyes will light up and the remote will make little robot-like sounds that will result in lots of giggles!! Release the robot and watch as your robot goes where you direct it...well mostly! It takes a little practice to get it to go where you want it! My two kids loved playing with the Zibits Robot and at only 2.5 inches tall it was easy to carry around. My son even took it to school with him to play with at recess and it fit perfectly in the front pocket of his backpack. The small size also makes it the perfect...well...cat toy!  

The cat loved chasing it around the kitchen floor and we spent a bit too long making a game of it! 

Zibits only cost about $10-$15 each, which make it affordable and the different types make it fun to collect. I like the fact that the remote control took regular type batteries, as we can easily use rechargeable batteries to assure hours and hours of fun. The size makes it easy to take with on travels! My son has already picked out his next Robot...Tank! It was easy to use and although the Zibits are made of plastic, the toy has held up for over month and my son plays with it a lot, and lugs it around with him all the time. I was worried that it would break easily, but so far, it has held up great and I like the simplicity in the design. Would make an excellent stocking stuffer!! 

Where To Purchase: Zibits can be purchased at various online venues, including Toys"R"Us and JcPenney. Also check out the accessories that can be used with the Zibits Robots!

 FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received a Zibits robot at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. The opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. For the full disclosure and disclaimer, please visit the Legal page. 


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Comfort Company Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

Today would have been my mother's birthday! She would have been 65 years old and there is not a day that goes by that I don't wish she was still here with us. Her battle with cancer ended in 2003, right after Christmas, and it has always been my greatest regret that I was not able to be at her side when she passed away. My children were only one and four when she passed away, and my son had only met her a few times. She lived in Iowa--a ten hour drive from our home in Arkansas--and we were only able to get there a few times a year.

Throughout the years we have done numerous things to keep her memory alive. One year we gathered all her grandchildren and had them write letters to their grandma. I then tied the letters on the end of a helium balloon, and all together we released the balloons and watched as our letters went to Heaven! My sister and I still get together on her birthday and have a special party in memory of our mother. We will bring a special gift to exchange and reminisce about our times together! It is so important to me that my children grow up "knowing" their grandmother, as she was a truly amazing woman. I started collecting butterflies the day she passed away in memory of her and have a wall in my home devoted to her, with butterfly photos and decor, yet I am always looking for other ways to honor her memory as it is so important to me that my children never forget her name! My son will talk about "Grandma Sally" as if he knew her, but it is only through our words and conversations that he has learned her. We still put up her little Christmas tree each year and we decorate it with her ornaments and special ones the children create each year. This year, we will be adding a very special ornament.

This beautiful remembrance ornament is made from lead-free pewter, so it will withstand the test of time, and it can be hung on the tree from the attached satin ribbon, or it can be shown year round on the included suction cup. I was given the opportunity to review this product in my home, and I can state without any hesitation that it is made of good quality. The design is very detailed and the etching is deep in the pewter. It is not one of those engravings that wears off, as it is deeply seated within th pewter. I chose this design because the message truly tugged my heart strings--"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure".  It arrived ready for gift giving in a beautiful organza bag. I liked the fact that the pewter is a thick cut and gives the ornament durability. The cost is affordable at only $12.95 each. We have chosen to show it year round on the provided suction cup and have hung it on our front door, and also plan include it on the tree during Christmas season. This is only one of the thoughtful products offered at The Comfort Company. 

I want to tell you a little about the company, even though you can find the information on the website, as I truly believe in the concept of this company. The Comfort Company was founded by Renee Wood, a social worker who has had the opportunity to work with many people, as they prepared to lose or had already lost, a loved one. That has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. Renee's store reflects her passion in helping families get through the pain of losing someone close to them. It is here she offers the remembrance ornaments showcased above (in many different designs), but also where she offers other "gifts of hope for healing hearts".

Memorable Flower Vase that can be etched with your special personalization. $39.95
Loss of Mother Sympathy Remembrance Frame

They even have specialty items that are hard to find elsewhere, such as cremation jewelry, memorial plaques, garden memorials, and miscarriage/infant loss memorials. They even offer memorial gift trees and pet memorials! What is great about The Comfort Company is that they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on most of their items (personalized gifts or memorial trees not included in this offer), so your satisfaction is their greatest concern and that says a lot about a company.

Cremation Keepsake Jewelry
Losing a loved one is never easy, yet keeping their memory alive does not have to be hard. Be creative. Talk about your loved ones, celebrate their birthday, remember them on holidays...share your memories of them with others! I know I will continue to do so.....Happy Birthday Mom. I love you!!

Where to Buy: All of the items featured here and many many more are offered directly from the website.

One lucky reader will win one of the these Remembrance Ornaments. Simply complete the mandatory entry for your chance to win! For extra chances to win, complete any or all of the bonus entries. Be certain to leave your email address or have it visible in your profile.

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only aged 18+. Void where prohibited by law. For a full list of rules, regulations, disclosures and disclaimers, visit the Legal Page on this site.

Giveaway ends on Midnight on October 29, 2010. 

Mandatory Entry: Visit The Comfort Company and tell me another item you would like from the site aside from those mentioned here.

Bonus Entries: Leave a separate comment for each entry. Worth one entry each, unless otherwise stated.

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FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received a Remembrance Ornament at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. All opinions shared herein are my own, honest opinion. Other opinions may vary. Thank you to Renee at The Comfort Company for the chance to review this product and for sponsoring the giveaway. The Comfort Company is responsible for giveaway fulfillment


Sunday, October 10, 2010

QuackGammon from Endless Games -Fun for the Whole Family!

Okay, so I will admit, I have never played Backgammon. Not because it didn't look fun, but for the same reason I never learned to play Chess. I have no patience for rules and tend to change them to make them fit my version of the game. This does not work well when playing against someone who actually took time to read the rules...trust me on this...I've tried.

But, I have found a version of the popular Backgammon game that I can actually play without frustration. It might help that it is designed for ages 5 and up. (I am on the up). Not only can I play it, but my two kids can play it too and they actually love it! Who couldn't love it...it's called QUACKGAMMON and it's the new game by Endless Games.

Perhaps you've heard of Endless Games before. They produce such games Kismet, Encore, Spill and Spell, Slide 5, The Price Is Right, Family Feud and many many more! Endless Games was created in 1996 by Kevin McNulty and Michael Gasser, two game industry veterans. The line of games now includes QuackGammon...a fun version of Backgammon that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

It was easy to set up: A board game, six rubber duckies and two dice. The concept is just as easy-get your ducks from one side of the board to the next. The first person to get their ducks across the board, wins! Oh, there are a few more rules involved, but nothing that is hard to figure out! My kids loved it and they both caught on to the concept extremely fast. What I liked about it is it allowed for them to think before they reacted. At first they wanted to just roll the dice and move their ducks, but one time around with prompting for the rules, they got it!! The game moves along at a good pace as well. My son played several games in one sitting which is highly unusual for him! Another thing I loved is that the game pieces are big. No tiny little pieces to get lost making the game completely useless. And they are cute....who can't love a rubber ducky? Little hands can grasp these game pieces very well and they are color coordinated. The dice are color coordinated as well, so it is easy for little ones to tell which pieces are their pieces!

Endless Games has made our game time fun again and I highly recommend getting this game!! As the box says--"If you like Backgammon, you'll go Ducky for QuackGammon"!

Where to Purchase: QuackGammon can be found through many online venues and retail stores.. Check the store locator for a store near you!

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received the QuackGammon game at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. The opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Thank you to Endless Games for providing this product for review. 


Flossing after every meal is often inconvenient, because as parents, schedules are crazy and stopping to floss is usually out of the question. Well, not anymore. Introducing Bryton Picks-- which allows the ability to floss in seconds!

Have you ever tried to carry floss in your purse? Mine ends up all unraveled and messy at the bottom of my purse. The Bryton Pick solves this problem as it is a reusable floss pick that stores easily in a credit card size keeper for reuse up to one month. Bryton Pick is a string free, ease free method for cleaning teeth on the go! It is made of a thin, flexible stainless steel that easily glides in between your teeth. Works great with braces as well and since it is designed by a dental professional, it is formulated for safety and will not harm your gums.

In my experience with the Bryton Pick, I was quite surprised on how easily the Bryton Pick did actually glide between my teeth. It felt very durable, even though it was thin and did work as described. It is formulated with a germ free stainless steel that is easily cleaned with a napkin or hot water. I think it worked much better than the traditional toothpick. The only concern I had was that after a few uses, the stainless steel did warp a little. Not enough to toss it out, but it would concern me that continued use would make it not last the complete 30 days as designed. I did not use the product for the full 30 days as of yet, so I cannot attest to its sustainability, However, it is priced very reasonable and I can definitely see it worth the asking price! The website warns that the edges can be sharp, so be certain to view the video provided below for accurate use and to avoid any harm. I did not find it to be so sharp to cause any harm, but each experience is different. Please always read the instructions carefully before trying the first time.

How to Use: The website does provide a video for use, but it is very easy by following a few easy steps:

  • Keep mouth open in smiling position
  • Gently insert either end between teeth
  • Slide between teeth inside and then out
  • Repeat as needed
It is only recommended for use on ages 10 and up. 

Where to Buy: Bryton Pick can be purchased at Meijer, CVS.com, Rite Aid, Amazon. com and many more online venues or can be purchased directly from their online store.  


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flowerz In Her Hair Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

My daughter likes to claim the title "Tom Boy", yet she shows time and time again that she has a bit of "girly" in her. For example--and I will so be in trouble for sharing this--but the other day she had her hair in her face all day. I kept telling her time and time again to get her hair out of her eyes, to the point she just refused to move her hair back and started crying.  I found this highly unusual, so I went to her room to discuss it with her later. I asked her why she was hiding her beautiful face behind all that hair and she says to me..."promise you won't get mad". UH OH.

I promised. She then pulled her hair back and OH MY GOODNESS. My child, my eleven year old tomboy, had taken scissors to her eyebrows because she thought they were "too bushy". I was stunned. I mean, literally stunned. Too shocked and confused to be angry. When did her brows matter to her? I accessed the damage. Some bald spots that could not be fixed, and all a bit misshapen, but nothing that we couldn't deal with...so, I whisked her off to the bathroom for a little lesson in how to shape brows. I didn't think she could have handled plucking so I decided to use a brow shaper like the ones pictured.

All of this to share my point: It's time to get her interested in a bit of the girly things...perfumes, lip gloss, skin care and hair accessories. All things she would have nothing to do with a year ago!

When I seen the designs at Flowers In Her Hair, I knew that she would simply love them!! If you have never been to this site, and you have a little girl (or an older girl) then you definitely need to check it out! Flowerz In Her Hair offers styles ranging from bows, headbands, button pony tail holders, flower clips and more for everyday wear--

as well as halos and veils for special occasions--

plus a full line of spirit flowers for cheerleading, basketball, football, etc.

and lots more!! My girl received the headband and a funky flower to match, as well as an alligator clip bow. I wasn't certain she would wear them at all, but she wore them the very next day!

The alligator clip made it simple for us to interchange the funky flower clip and the pretty bow with the headband. She can also wear the headband alone or the bows alone and the colors match so many of her outfits!! (pre-brow incident..lol)

What is great about Flowerz In Her Hair is that they offer custom orders as well! So, if you have special outfits that you want a beautiful bow or beanie hat to match, they can design a bow for you in the colors you specify! How perfect is that!!

CONCLUSION: A lot of the hair items we purchase are flimsy and break with little usage. The headband we received was very thick and sturdy. The funky flower was well designed as well, and didn't pull loose even after numerous wears. I thought the color scheme was well thought out and she received so many compliments on the pieces whenever she wore them! The only thing my daughter did not like about the Funky Flower was that the glitter left her "sparkly" as some of the glitter fell off during normal wear. Other than that (we absolutely loved the items we received from Flowerz In Her Hair.  So much so, that I give Flowerz In Her Hair my seal of approval!
Where to Buy: All of the items mentioned in this review, plus much much more can be found directly at the website.


One lucky reader of my blog has the opportunity to win a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Flowerz In Her Hair! Simply complete the mandatory entry below to be entered to win! Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada residents aged 18 or over. Void where prohibited by law. Please be certain your email is visible in your profile or in your post. Winners will be chosen by random.org and will have five business days to respond to winning email.

Giveaway ends at midnight central time on October 23, 2010. 

Mandatory Entry: Go to Flowerz In Her Hair and tell me your favorite item!

Extra Entries:  Must complete mandatory entry before any extra entries will be valid.
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FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received the woven headband and two accessory clips at no cost for the the purpose of this review. All opinions herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Thanks to Amy at Flowerz In Her Hair for the opportunity to review her product line and for sponsoring the giveaway. Flowerz In Her Hair is responsible for giveaway fulfillment.  For full rules, regulations, disclaimers and disclosure information, please visit the Legal Page



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