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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zibits Mini R/C Robots--Welcome to the World of Zibits!

What do you think about when you think of Robots? Do you think of cute little toys that run around in circles and are controlled by remote control? Well, if not, then you must see the new toys by Senario!

Introducing Zibits!! These collectible mini remote controlled robots are certain to be a hit with the kid in your life!

We received the robot named Gek:

  • Program Traits: Smooth Talker
  • Specialty: Design and Engineering
Gek is one of twelve collectible Robots offered by Senario. Each Robot has a unique name (Go-B, Gunk, Scrapz, Shox, Tank..to name a few) and each has their own personality. Zibits are great for big kids and little kids (ages 6+) and kids at heart, but not recommend for children under the age of three as some of the parts can be potential choking hazards. 

How it Works: Zibits are easy to set up. Remove from the package, insert three LR44 watch style batteries into the Robot (inlcuded) and 2 AAA's into the Z-mote (not included), turn the Robot to the "on" position and then manuever the remote. The remote allows the Zibits Robot to go foward or rotate 360 degree radius. The robot's eyes will light up and the remote will make little robot-like sounds that will result in lots of giggles!! Release the robot and watch as your robot goes where you direct it...well mostly! It takes a little practice to get it to go where you want it! My two kids loved playing with the Zibits Robot and at only 2.5 inches tall it was easy to carry around. My son even took it to school with him to play with at recess and it fit perfectly in the front pocket of his backpack. The small size also makes it the perfect...well...cat toy!  

The cat loved chasing it around the kitchen floor and we spent a bit too long making a game of it! 

Zibits only cost about $10-$15 each, which make it affordable and the different types make it fun to collect. I like the fact that the remote control took regular type batteries, as we can easily use rechargeable batteries to assure hours and hours of fun. The size makes it easy to take with on travels! My son has already picked out his next Robot...Tank! It was easy to use and although the Zibits are made of plastic, the toy has held up for over month and my son plays with it a lot, and lugs it around with him all the time. I was worried that it would break easily, but so far, it has held up great and I like the simplicity in the design. Would make an excellent stocking stuffer!! 

Where To Purchase: Zibits can be purchased at various online venues, including Toys"R"Us and JcPenney. Also check out the accessories that can be used with the Zibits Robots!

 FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received a Zibits robot at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. The opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. For the full disclosure and disclaimer, please visit the Legal page. 



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