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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vapur Water Bottle--The Anti-Bottle Review

The Product: Vapur Water Bottle- the water bottle that can be taken virtually anywhere! Made of ultra durable BPA free polymer. Comes in an assortment of colors (Cyan Blue, Pink, Green, Smoke, Purple and Orange) and includes an attached carabiner for easy carrying, plus it is completely dishwasher safe (top rack only please). It holds 16 ounces of liquid and stands completely flat when filled. The bottle is able to be frozen and will double as an ice pack. Perfect for packing food on the go!  

What Makes it Unique: This is one unique water bottle!  The Vapur Water Bottle replaces the need to purchase bottled water and acts like a traditional alternative to water bottles that can be purchased for reuse, except for one unique quality. The Vapur bottle is completely collapsible. You read that right! Vapur bottles are designed for portability and fold completely for easy transport. Great for hikers, sports enthusiasts, traveling and vacation! It can be folded, unfolded, filled and then when empty, folded and stored. The Vapur bottles even have the ability to be labeled, so that each person in the household can have a bottle of the same color and still be able to identify their bottle. It is cost effective, at an average of 51 cents a year, unlike bottled water that can cost into the thousands per year! 

The ReviewOn first impression, it feels as though the Vapur bottle won't stand the test of time. It feels a little flimsy, but it is not! In fact, it is actually reinforced with two layers of nylon, which accounts for its durability! It's definitely a product I would recommend! The Vapur Bottle is perfect for going to amusement parks or family outings. I had previously purchased the stainless steel reusable bottles and we thought it saved us a lot of money while on vacation, but straight away, my children were trying to pawn their bottles off so that they didn't have to carry them. I usually end up having to juggle all the empty bottles. With Vapur, I simply have the kids fold up the bottle and put in their pocket or in my purse! The water bottle is able to be frozen and this makes it a great companion to packed lunches, coolers or for work and school, as it will still be cold when ready to drink. My husband works outdoors and we normally purchase bottled water for him to put in a cooler. With the Vapur bottle, all he as to do is freeze it the night before and grab it as he walks out the door! It stays cold for a long while as it defrosts, allowing him a nice cold beverage. I took the Vapur bottle with me to work and it was perfect as it stayed cold and allowed the food I packed to be cold until lunch time. Very convenient. The kids love the Vapur bottle for school because when they are finished, they just fold it up and put in their backpack and it doesn't leak or take up any additional room. I have it on my Christmas list for the family as I know that it will be one present they will use!!  

Where to Purchase: The Vapur bottle can be purchased directly from the website for only $8.95. Here, it is possible to also purchase replacement caps and tops. The Vapur bottle may also be found online at many different venues such as reuseit.com, Target, Amazon.com and GNC (and many more). 

Where to find: You can find Vapur at their website or on Twitter! 



I have a Vapur and love it! Very convenient for on-the-go.

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