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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wholesale Costume Club Review

Is there any holiday that is more fun then Halloween? I love seeing the little witches, goblins and werewolves...oh my!! We usually take the kids to the gatherings in our local community where they have games, trunk-or-treat, and costume contests! Although we always have intentions of making our own homemade costume, this momma doesn't have much skill when it comes to making things, so we end up taking a trip to our local store to purchase a pre-made costume. This year, I wanted to get them something they would love, but of better quality then we typically purchase, so that they would have it for play once Halloween was over!

I found exactly what I was looking for at the Wholesale Costume Club. Wholesale Costume Club carries a wide array of Halloween costumes, from infant sizes on up to adult sizes! I decided to let my son pick his own costume out, so we went to the website and searched by boy costumes which made it easy for him to scroll through the different costumes available! There are so many to choose from: Disney, scary vampires and goblins, ninjas, occupational costumes such as firefighter, doctor and more, humorous costumes and so much more. He first found a ape costume, and then a hot dog costume...and finally settled on a Deluxe Anakin Skywalker costume!!

He absolutely loves Star Wars! He says to me "if you would watch it you would understand how cool it is"..(pretty deep for an eight year old)!

So, it is no surprise he picked the Anakin Skywalker costume. What was a surprise was the exceptional quality of the costume, and once it arrived, he immediately wanted to try it on to pose and play! 

It was surreal when he came out in this costume. Most costumes have a one dimensional mask, but this mask was made with such attention to detail and the 3-D quality of it made my son appear as a completely different person. It was so strange...because his outfit looked so REALISTIC!! Take a peek at the close-up of this mask--it's almost eerie how it changes his appearance so much.

The quality goes throughout the whole costume. From the belt that goes around the waist (ties in back) all the way to the "boots" that fit over the child's shoes. The seaming is tight and no lose threads or thin materials. What I liked most about it is that all the pieces are connected (aside from the belt), unlike other costumes we have purchased in the past. This means that the costume will look as good later as it does at time of purchase, and pieces won't be missing at the bottom of a toy box! 

I was highly impressed with the Wholesale Costume Club and give it my seal of approval!  

The retail price of this costume is $74.99, but the Wholesale Costume Club price is only $39.98, and if you join their club, it is even a better deal at only $29.96. Joining the club is easy--it's just $5.00 for a whole year and gives you the lowest priced costumes and accessories on the internet. Available Sizes: Small (Fits sizes 4-6), Medium (Fits size 8-10) and Large (Fits sizes 12-14).

Where to Buy: 
Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 



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