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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flossing after every meal is often inconvenient, because as parents, schedules are crazy and stopping to floss is usually out of the question. Well, not anymore. Introducing Bryton Picks-- which allows the ability to floss in seconds!

Have you ever tried to carry floss in your purse? Mine ends up all unraveled and messy at the bottom of my purse. The Bryton Pick solves this problem as it is a reusable floss pick that stores easily in a credit card size keeper for reuse up to one month. Bryton Pick is a string free, ease free method for cleaning teeth on the go! It is made of a thin, flexible stainless steel that easily glides in between your teeth. Works great with braces as well and since it is designed by a dental professional, it is formulated for safety and will not harm your gums.

In my experience with the Bryton Pick, I was quite surprised on how easily the Bryton Pick did actually glide between my teeth. It felt very durable, even though it was thin and did work as described. It is formulated with a germ free stainless steel that is easily cleaned with a napkin or hot water. I think it worked much better than the traditional toothpick. The only concern I had was that after a few uses, the stainless steel did warp a little. Not enough to toss it out, but it would concern me that continued use would make it not last the complete 30 days as designed. I did not use the product for the full 30 days as of yet, so I cannot attest to its sustainability, However, it is priced very reasonable and I can definitely see it worth the asking price! The website warns that the edges can be sharp, so be certain to view the video provided below for accurate use and to avoid any harm. I did not find it to be so sharp to cause any harm, but each experience is different. Please always read the instructions carefully before trying the first time.

How to Use: The website does provide a video for use, but it is very easy by following a few easy steps:

  • Keep mouth open in smiling position
  • Gently insert either end between teeth
  • Slide between teeth inside and then out
  • Repeat as needed
It is only recommended for use on ages 10 and up. 

Where to Buy: Bryton Pick can be purchased at Meijer, CVS.com, Rite Aid, Amazon. com and many more online venues or can be purchased directly from their online store.  



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