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Friday, July 30, 2010

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce--TWITTER PARTY!

Love Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce? Then join them at their Twitter Party Friday, July 30th at 2:00 p.m.(CT). They are offering lots of prizes ranging from cookbooks to a case of their All Purpose Sauce!!

Help them spread the word by tweeting the following:

“Join @CountryBobs Friday, 2 p.m. (CT) for a Twitter party using hashtag #AllPurposeSauce. You can win Country Bob’s stuff too! Please RT”

and then hop on over to their party and join in on the fun!!

Also, be sure to check back here in the next few weeks for my review of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce and for your chance to win!!!

Until then, feel free to enter any of my other giveaways! Currently open:

Billy Jacobs artwork titled "Daybreak" Giveaway- Ends 7/31

The Vintage Pearl.com $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway- Ends 8/17

Zuvo Water Filtration System Giveaway- Ends 8/31

EARN ONE EXTRA ENTRY on any of the giveaways listed above for tweeting about the Country Bob's Twitter party. Just link me to your twitter post on the giveaway you want the extra entry to count towards.

Have fun and happy blogging!

Until next time...


Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog Hopping Monday

It's that time again! Monday seems to be a huge blog hopping day and I love to play along! Rest assured, if you were a new follower of my blog through last Monday's follow, I am a little behind, but I will definitely follow you back!!

So, while you are here, why not take a moment to enter some great giveaways! Today starts the giveaway for a $25 Gift Certificate to The Vintage Pearl.com and still going on is the canvas print "Daybreak" giveaway by artist Billy Jacobs!

Happy Blogging!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

If your name is AMANDA...you might be a winner! (CLOSED)

Update: We have a winner!! Amanda T was the first to email me and her prize will be shipped out first thing Monday morning!! Thanks for playing Amanda and hope you like your gift!

The first person named AMANDA that emails me is the winner of a small gift (very small) that I picked up while on vacation. Why Amanda you may ask yourself... well, let's just say that "Ashley" will be minus one souvenir!
Email me by using my Contact form and if you are the first, I'll email you back to ask for your shipping address.

Happy Blogging!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: Soda Stream...Magic in a Bottle!

While on vacation, I will visit the Le Gourmet Chef store located in the Tanger Outlet Mall in Branson, Mo. This is on the list of things I "must" do before heading out of town toward home. If you have read any of my previous blog entries, it is obvious I am not the best cook, so why would I need to visit a specialty store that features cooking items and more? Simple: I need more flavor!

I'm thinking Ginger Ale would be a good flavor to try, and I must pick up more Cola as we have already depleted a whole bottle of it (which is equalivant to 33 cans of soda) since our Soda Stream arrived.
My family drinks a lot of soda, if I let them. Therefore, I made it a policy a long time ago in our home that we would not purchase soda to keep in the house and that we would only have it when we are eating out or on vacation. However, some days when I am doing the grocery shopping, I see that aisle of sodas staring at me as I walk in through the automatic doors. They are right there on the front row, just down from the carts and ice machine. Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper...and I want them. I do. But, I normally turn away and head through this section as quickly as possible. I do the same when I pass the bakery and deli and it is not until I reach the fresh fruit and vegetables do I feel accomplished. Yet, some days, these displays get the best of me. The store associates arrange the sodas in these neat designs, intricate and enticing, and my eye is naturally drawn to them. As I reach for the twelve pack of my favorite flavor, I know I am going against my own plan, but I think about how good it will taste and it's so hot outside, and it's been such a stressful week and I just need a little caffeine...I'm sure you've been there!

Along comes Soda Stream, a.k.a what I have dubbed as "Magic in a Bottle". Soda Stream is an innovative approach toward making carbonated drinks from the convenience of one's own home in about thirty seconds! How great is that?! For the purpose of this review, Soda Stream sent me the Fountain Jet Soda Machine, and a multitude of flavors to test.

 Let me say that this product has been amazing! It's easy. Simply unpack the contents of the box, rinse and fill the included one liter bottle (it comes with two one liter bottles) up to the fill line (clearly marked) and twist onto the Fountain Jet Soda machine. The carbonation is accomplished by the use of a CO2 bottle that attaches to the backside of the machine. Once you have your one liter bottle securely in place, simply push the button on top of the Fountain Jet until three loud buzzes are sounded and then release the bottle, untwist from the machine, add your favorite flavor, gently rock back and forth to mix it and you are done!! Delicious soda anytime you want it, anywhere you desire.

No more carrying cases of water or soda home from the grocery store. No more cans to collect, no more water bottles filling up the landfills. Instead, simply rinse and reuse the included one liter bottles!!

Two One Liter bottles and caps included

Twist off cap on Co2 carbonator
Screw onto back of machine, replace cover
Okay, was it really that easy? Well, yes and no. It is, but only if you follow the directions and not make the same mistakes I made. I did not twist the bottles onto the machine. Instead, I placed the tube coming off the soda stream through the mouth of the bottle and set it in, without twisting. When nothing happened when I pushed the button, I figured out my mistake, but it took some work to get the bottle to come out as it was a tight fit when not placed properly. I haven't made the mistake since then, and now the only trick is to attempt to twist the bottle in one-handed. It takes your other hand to hold the bottle release valve in so that you can twist the bottle on, so one has to be good at maneuvering with one hand. Other than that, it is as simple as that!
Push on button to expose the tip to secure bottle
Be certain to screw the bottle into place

Make sure you hear that loud buzz. It took quite a bit of time before I realized that I was not holding the carbonation button in long enough. When I accidentally held it too long, I discoverd that "buzz" they spoke of in the directions and one should push and release the button three times, hearing three of those loud buzzes in total for the correct amount of carbonation. The soda tasted a little flat until I did this and now they are perfect.You can adjust the amount of fizz by the number of times the button is pushed. For water, it tastes best with only a light carbonation (trust me on this one), and I like a bit more carbonation with the Cola and Root Beer flavors.

There are over 30 flavors of regular soda, diet soda and flavored water to choose from. For a complete list of flavors, go here. Each bottle of the soda flavoring makes 12 liters (or 33 cans) of soda. The soda flavor retails from $4.99-$6.99 per bottle and even after calculating the cost of the CO2 replacement, makes for a great bargain! The carbonators come in two sizes, the 60 liter and the 110 liter bottle (be certain to see which one will fit your particular Soda Stream machine as it varies with different models) which is the equivalent to 170-310 cans of soda! Plus,these bottles can be exchanged through their online system (they pay for shipping) or through retail store outlets to be refilled and used again and again for up to three years.

Although I will be going against my own plan of not having sodas in the home, I do have the satisfaction of knowing that my children will only get soda when I make it for them. I can now regulate how much they drink and when they drink it! No more sneaking a soda to their room, no more empty soda cans to clean up after and best of all, I can have a soda whenever I crave one, and therefore those grocery store displays no longer hold their power over me!!

Some F.Y.I:
  • The opened bottles of flavor must be stored in the fridge, but they don't take up much room at all. In fact, I placed mine in the door shelf with the condiments, so I don't miss any open fridge space at all. 
  • If you lose a cap or damage a bottle, don't fret. Replacements are available on the website.
  • The diet soda is flavored with Splenda and contain no aspartame or sugar.
  • The flavors have less sodium, caffeine, calories and carbohydrates than the leading competitor.
  • Soda Stream offers a two year warranty on their products
  • Soda Stream uses no electricity or batteries to power it, so can be taken anywhere!
  • Refer to Soda Stream's website for other FAQ.

The Good: Soda Stream is a Earth Friendly and Active Green product and company. By using Soda Stream versus purchasing bottled water or canned or bottled sodas, one is making an impact toward preserving our environment and every little bit helps! It is easy, economical and fun! It's so easy that my ten year old can make sodas by herself!

The Bad: Soda Stream is not yet available in all cities, so to get one, one must order it online from their website, or visit this page to find a location close to home! I do worry about the quality of the Fountain Jet as it is made of plastic, and I fear it will get cracked over time. Exchanging the Co2 will become easier once one has more than one container on hand, but the initial cost of these carbonators can be a little pricey, however over time, it is more economical to have a steady supply on hand.

Overall, this is a product I would recommend to my family and friends (as I have already done) and it makes a great gift for anyone-grandparents, students, campers, soda collectors and more. I can proudly say that our home is a Soda Stream home, and we will definitely be visiting their site in the months to come for more delicious flavors!
A thumb's up in this house means it's a keeper!!

FTC guidelines require me to disclose that I received a Soda Stream machine and flavor mixes for the purpose of this review at no cost to me. I received no monetary compensation and the opinions herein are my own honest opinions. Others opinions may vary. I am in no manner affiliated with Soda Stream.

What Soda Stream flavor would you pick to replace your current brand of soda? Where do you see yourself using this product the most?


Monday, July 19, 2010

How not to start a vacation!

Vacations are supposed to fun and after all the planning, reservations and traveling...one kind of expects things to go well, from the beginning at least, and hopefully on through to the end. Today was DAY ONE of our vacation. My children, who usually bicker at each other during any extended period of time being cooped up in a vehicle, didn't argue even once! I thought..."WooHOO! This is what I'm talkin' about". We arrive to our destination, meet up with our friends that will be vacationing with us and head to the cabin in the woods that we've had reserved since last year!

As soon as we walked into the cabin, our mouths dropped. Simply beautiful! All of us are in agreement. When we retire we want a cabin "just like this". A few hours later and we are having nothing but bad luck and second thoughts. The glorious private hot tub on the back deck

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Winner Announced: Tatouage Designs.com Gift Certificate

UPDATE~(7/24/10) Our previous winner did not meet the obligation of responding to the winning email notification within five business days. Therefore, a new winner has been picked.  I hate when this happens, but am happy to announce that the new winner is....Loni B!! Congratulations, I am emailing you now and you will have five business days to respond! 
(Thank you Loni for your email, your gift certificate has been sent to the email address requested).

Friday, July 16, 2010

Review: Jamba All Natural Smoothies- "Celebrate the Good Things in Life"

Smoothies are my favorite things to make! All I have to do is gather some fresh fruit, cut it up, toss it in a blender, add some yogurt (or coconut milk) and blend. Sounds easy right? Most the time it is, but sometimes, I forget about the fresh fruit and it sits in the refrigerator too long and by the time I decide I want a strawberry-banana smoothie, the strawberries are growing mold beards!! Not at all appetizing and definitely disappointing when your taste buds are still craving the smoothie long after the fruit has been tossed into the compost bin.

No more!! Introducing Jamba All Natural Smoothies! If the name sounds familiar it is because this is the make-at-home version of the all popular Jamba Juice brand of smoothies. This version allows smoothie lovers everywhere the convenience of a quick and easy smoothie mix that is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Add one package of Jamba All Natural Smoothie Mix to your favorite blender.
  2. Pour in eight ounces of apple juice
  3. Blend for 60 seconds
That's it!! Two servings of delicious smoothie (one for you...and one to share, or not!) in less time than it takes for your favorite television program to come back from commercial break! 

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it! Wait until you hear the amazing part:

Each serving contains a full serving of fruit and meets 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C! So not only is it fast and easy, it's healthy for you as well! Jamba has filled each package with real fruit, non-fat yogurt and an antioxidant boost! All the ingredients are all natural and fat free!

Jamba Smoothies have:
  • NO Artificial flavors
  • NO Artificial Colors
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO high fructose corn syrup
How is the taste?

Jamba Smoothies come in three flavors:  

Strawberries Wild      Razzmatazz      Mango-a-go-go
 60 Calories               60 Calories        70 Calories

Strawberries Wild:
Of the three flavors, our household favorite would have to be the Strawberries Wild! The whole family simply LOVED it! It has a wonderful texture and leaves your cheeks happy! I'm not kidding. My son smiled ear to ear after he tasted the Strawberries Wild! What I liked most about it is that I could actually taste the strawberries.  This mix contains both strawberries and bananas and is closest to the version I would make at home from fresh ingredients. With my home version, no matter how I adjust the mix, I mostly taste the banana and not the delicious strawberries! Not with this one! The taste is very balanced and not too sweet!

Razzmatazz: The Razzmatazz was my personal favorite. It has a great blend of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries! When I opened the package, I could see all the fresh fruit frozen whole in the bag! That is important as fruit can lose key health benefits if it is not in its natural form. Although this was my personal favorite, it didn't go over well with my children. They loved the first sip, but the raspberry seeds in this mix immediately turned their faces sour. Children (and apparently my husband) have an aversion to certain textures on their little tongues (I am the same way with okra and coconut) that makes foods that feel funny on the tongue part of their "do not eat" mantra. It was no different with this smoothie. A few sips and then they wanted to try the next flavor, of which... is the third flavor offered by Jamba Smoothies!

Mango-a-go-go: This is a unique and curious blend of mango and pineapple. First off, let me state that this one was the one I feared the most as I do not do mango or peach (unless freshly picked) flavors at all! I always enjoy the initial taste, but the after taste simply sends me seeking the closest tall glass of water.  With that being said, I simply did not love the Mango-a-go-go, but everyone else in my household did! It was my husband's favorite of the three and my children both shared my portion, as theirs was not enough to satisfy their taste buds. I will say that I probably could have loved this had I added a fresh banana to the mix while blending.

Is it worth the cost?

Jamba All Natural Smoothies will cost you between $2.99-$3.29 at select grocery stores. Each package contains two servings. At about $1.50 per serving, it is a little more expensive than my homemade version, however it is important to consider the convenience factor. If you are a busy parent that holds a tight schedule. it might be economical for you to spend less time in the kitchen, and still be able to serve a healthy snack!

Where can I buy Jamba All Natural Smoothies?

Jamba All Natural Smoothies can be found in select grocery stores across the United States. When you sign up to receive the e-newsletter from Jamba All Natural Smoothies, you will get a $1.00 off coupon in your welcome email! 

Summary: This one truly comes down to personal preference. For me, the taste and convenience makes it a product worth its asking price! I can grab and go on busy days and on days when I have more time, I can continue to create my own version of smoothies from scratch. Some may not like the boldness of the flavors, but again, every taste bud varies! Others may not like the seeds in the Razzmatazz flavor, as my own kids did not, however for others like me, it can be what makes the flavor pop! I am certain everyone will have a favorite flavor and at least enjoy the ability to make Jamba All Natural Smoothies from the convenience of their own home...which in my book, makes this product totally unique!!

What do you do to save time in the morning? What other healthy drinks do you serve your family?

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received one of each of the flavors above for the purpose of this review at no cost to me. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own honest opinion. Others opinion may vary. I am in no manner affiliated with Jamba All Natural Smoothies. Photos and information herein used with permission from Jamba Juice.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Picking Wild Berries

The children and I went on a little adventure! We wanted to make a cobbler, so we went on the search for some wild blackberries or raspberries, and boy, did we find some!! They were at the back end of our property in an area that was grown up and a bit snaky looking.  I was afraid to get too close to the weeded area as I had seen a snake in the yard earlier in the month and I still could not get the mental image of it out of my head. On that day, I had been picking up pool toys that the children had left around the yard (barefoot of course) and I walked out to the middle of an open field to retrieve a toy and then walked back to the garage.  My husband called me back over a few seconds later and had me do a scan of the yard.  "What do you see?", he asked me, pointing to the area that I had just been.  I didn't see anything, so he pointed again, and this time I followed his finger more carefully and that's when I seen it.  The snake was coiled up and his tail was shaking back and forth (we concluded that it was probably just a rat snake and not of a poisonous variety).  I immediately let out a scream. I had been inches from it just a few seconds earlier (I couldn't help but scream, even though I was in no danger at that point)!

With that memory in mind, I made my husband come do a shake of all the bushes in the area before I would walk close enough to the newly found treasure of ripened blackberries! When I was fully satisfied that there were no snakes, I let the children come over to help pick the berries. I had forgotten about their thorny vines and it didn't take long before we were digging out our winter gloves to protect our fingers.  The vines were not supported and were falling in on themselves and all the delicious berries were buried in the maze of vines and thorns.  I used the gloved hand to hold back the bigger vines so we had access to the berries beneath it. Even with all the precautionary measures, I still pricked my fingers more times than I can recall! But I forged ahead, as I knew the yield would be worth the reward!

We picked half a kettle full and decided to call it quits!  It wasn't until we headed toward the house that we realized that our harvest of berries had disrupted no snakes, but had indeed stirred up a mountain of seed ticks which were now covering our ankles and legs. It was a mad dash to the shower for the children as I attempted to brush off all I could on myself. Unfortunately, days later and I am still recovering form the itchy bites they leave, but thank goodness, the children were not affected.

After they were all showered, we rinsed our little berries, being careful not to damage their clusters. The boy was in charge of getting out all the "yucky" berries that had made it into the pile as me and the girl gathered all the other ingredients.

The recipe we used:

Blackberry Cobbler

2 16-oz. packages frozen blackberries, thawed  (we substituted the fresh berries)
2 C. sugar or to taste (we found this to be a little too sweet. Might try 1 1/2 cup)
2 T. flour
1 T. lemon juice
1/2 C. butter
Pastry (below)

Combine berries, sugar, flour and lemon juice and stir well. Set aside.

Prepare pastry and divide dough in half. Roll half of dough to 1/8-inch thickness to fit bottom of 9 x 13-inch dish (lightly greased). Spoon berry mixture into pastry-lined dish; dot with butter.

Roll remaining half of dough to fit top of cobbler. Place over berry mixture. Make slits in dough or cut into strips. Dot with butter pats and sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 350°F. for about 45 minutes or until bubbly and golden brown.

2 C. all-purpose flour
3/4 t. salt
2/3 C. shortening
3 T. ice water

Combine flour and salt; cut in shortening until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Sprinkle water over mixture and stir with fork. Shape dough into ball.  

The children had so much fun measuring, pouring and stirring!

 I'll let you in on a little secret---baking is not my forte---but it doesn't stop me from trying!! I make a huge mess, I don't have the right baking instruments (for example: we had to use a bottle of cooking sherry as a rolling pin as I don't own one) nor do I have any skill (I can say that with certainty). My husband has never let me live down the cornbread I attempted to cook him during our dating years. I called for him to get it out of the oven for me and it looked beautiful, perfectly browned on top.  We let it cool while I finished cooking our meal and as we prepared our plates.  He went to get the cornbread out of the pan and the knife literally SUNK into the cornbread.  As it turned out, I had put the oven on preheat and never changed it to "bake", so it got done on the top, but immediately below the bread's crust, it was pure liquid. 12 years later and I am STILL hearing about my "famous cornbread". 

Therefore, I didn't have much faith that this cobbler would turn out. But I figured, even if it didn't look pretty, it might still be edible!!

A little trick: I keep my flour in the freezer as I don't like to leave it in a canister on the counter. I don't have any other reason for doing this except for my mother always kept hers in the freezer, so I do as well.  It was always a big pain as the bag would leak flour out more and more as I used it and make a big mess in the freezer. I purchased these things called "Pasta Express", (the little tubes that you put spaghetti in, add hot water, and VIOLA-you have cooked spaghetti in a matter of minutes) and although I did not like them for cooking noodles, I did repurpose them. They come in different sizes, and have little slotted lids that fit tight on the tube, and then a screw on lid that goes over that. I use the smallest of these tubes to put my flour in. It keeps it air tight and the little lid comes off, revealing the slotted lid, that allows for me to shake the flour out. Works great!!!

Blackberry filling

 The finished product: It won't win any awards at the county fair, but we did it all by ourselves!!!

 I like my cobbler cold, with a scoop of ice cream on the side and a bit of caramel drizzled over the top!!!

YUMMY!  Over the weekend, we will be making Rhubard Pie, so stay tuned!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Arm & Hammer Kid's Spinbrush My Way Review

My ten year old daughter loves to draw, paint and create! She spends most of her time doodling and cutting out her own version of paper dolls and then decorates them with colored pencils. Her favorite subjects in school have always been reading, art and music (more right brained activities) and I try to encourage her interest as often as possible.    
Red Bird-4th Grade

When I seen the new Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way battery powered toothbrushes, I knew this would be something she would absolutely love! The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way toothbrush is designed for girls aged 3-12 years old (they pose a choking hazard for anyone younger then three) and it comes packaged with over 140 water resistant stickers that can be applied to the base of the toothbrush. I like the fact that it comes in white (all except for the battery cap and the bristles, which are in pink), like a blank canvas of sort, for creative hands to decorate their own special way! As soon as my daughter opened the box, she took the stickers out and laid them out in front her and I could see the little wheels turning as she decided which sticker represented her "style" the most!

Her first two sticker choices were the guitar and the skull and crossbones which she placed directly above the gem shaped on/off button. After that, it was an array of musical notes, XOXO's and "Girl's Rule", followed by her name on the backside surrounded by butterflies and an adorable kitten. In the process of decorating her toothbrush, the telephone rang. It was a friend of hers from church so I handed her the phone. Getting phone calls is a new thing for my daughter and she normally treats each phone call as if it is TOP SECRET and immediately goes to her room and shuts the door so she can talk in private.  Not this time! She sat at the table and continued decorating her My Way! When her friend asked her what she was doing, she commented back with "designing my own toothbrush", and then continued to explain to her friend about this "cool toothbrush" her mom got for her (compliments of Arm & Hammer).
As soon as she was done decorating her new "work of art", she asked to brush her teeth. Since she had never used a battery powered toothbrush before, she was a bit uncertain on how to use her new My Way. I think she had it in her mind that she did not have to do anything but set it to her teeth and let the rotating head do all the work, but I explained to her that she needed to be certain to gently brush her teeth back and forth the same way as she did with a manual toothbrush. Arm & Hammer designed the kid's My Way with a kid size rotating head for optimum comfort and ease of brushing and I didn't hear any complaints as she brushed her teeth.
Almost finished with the design process
Completed "Work of Art"
She had no idea that 38% of children brushed longer with a battery powered toothbrush (statistics provided by Arm & Hammer) and she was not interested in the fact that it reduced plaque nor that it massaged her gums (although such facts is why I am a supporter of the Arm & Hammer brand).  All that mattered to her was she was having fun!

I thought the novelty would wear off, but throughout the week, she continued her pattern of brushing her teeth with the same excitement of the first night. This is what matters most to me, that her oral hygiene needs are being met and that I do not have to fight her to brush her teeth as I did when she used a manual toothbrush.
Brushing my teeth is fun!

What Makes it Unique: Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way battery powered toothbrush allows a child to express their individuality. It allows them to take an active role in their oral hygiene and creates an interest as soon as the package is opened!

The Good: I like the fact that it comes packaged with the two AAA batteries necessary to make it work. With its kid-sized rotating head, it engages a child to brush longer (up to 38% longer) than a standard manual toothbrush and therefore decreases the amount of plaque and risk for dental caries. The handle is thicker than a standard toothbrush, which gives a child a better grip while brushing. The bristles are not so hard that they tear the gums.

The Bad: The rotating head cannot be replaced as in other types of Spinbrushes. However, the price makes for an easy replacement. I found the Spinbrush at our local Wal-Mart for a little over $5.00, and it can be found other places for around the same price or slightly higher. If you visit the Arm & Hammer website, you can find a $2.00 Off Coupon toward the purchase of a new Spinbrush (or for replacement heads for other Spinbrush battery powered toothbrushes) which makes for a very affordable toothbrush!

How to Get One: Visit your local Wal-Mart, Walgreens, K-Mart, Target or other mass retailer store or purchase online at Drugstore.com ($6.99 each or 2 for $10.00), and many more.

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I was provided with a complimentary Arm & Hammer Kid's Spinbrush My Way for the purpose of this review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions expressed are my honest opinion and not influenced by Arm & Hammer in any manner. Other opinions may vary. 



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