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Sunday, November 28, 2010

YogaBuddies DVD and CD Review and Giveaway (Closed)

Product: YogaBuddies Bedtime Stories DVD
Category: Children
Age Range: 4 years old and up

YogaBuddies is founded by Danay DiVirgilio, a behavioral therapist devoting her life toward making a difference in the lives of teens and children. DiVirgilio designed the Bedtime Stories as a tool to help children aged four and up learn relaxation techniques that helps them prepare for a restful night's sleep. In this 40 minute video, children learn stretches from kids their own age. Join Lucy, Cole, Zack, Amelia and Feebee on A Magical Car Ride, a bedtime story read by Danay, that includes cute animated scenes that bring the characters to life. In the process of the story, yoga poses like the Cow Pose, Cat Pose, Peacock Pose, Around the World and Mountain Pose, plus so many more are introduced to your child. Each pose is shown in complete detail, so your child can easily follow the visual cues. These exercise activities are meant to help a child stretch, relax and wind down before attempting to go to sleep. There are three stories altogether, each incorporating yoga poses and story telling fun! Danay has a very soothing and calm voice, which made the story telling experience very pleasant. In all, your children will learn over forty different yoga poses!!

My children loved to follow along to the video and I liked that the stories and the exercises combined did not take very long, so the kids did not mind giving up that bit of time in their already busy schedule. Usually, getting ready for bed was a huge chore to my children. They are much like their mom and would rather be night owls, so I do have some difficulty getting them to bed. They get up a million different times, simply searching for some other reason to not be in their beds. When I introduced them to the YogaBuddies DVD, they wanted to go to their rooms and get ready for bed! My oldest is eleven and she was even enjoying the exercises. They each have their favorite story!!

If there was anything I would change it would be to have a real story book to accompany the DVD. It is nice to have the DVD tell the story, but I think it would be good if the kids could read along with the story. Having the story to watch and the book to follow along with pictures and designs, would give this a more rounded experience. I think I just like the physical feel of having something solid in my hand to enjoy when the DVD option is not available.

The YogaBuddies also offers another option for their exercise and Yoga experience. They also offer the YogaBuddies CD.

Product: Good Morning/Good Night with YogaBuddies CD
Category: Children
Price: $14.99

The Good Morning and Good Night CD is a two CD set. One is the Good Morning CD which offers 22 different yoga poses that are designed to energize the body while providing positive affirmations. The other CD is titled Good Night and it teaches 18 different poses to help your child unwind and get ready for sleep. Since this is done on an audio format only, a colorful poster is included with the CD set that shows how to do the various poses. This helps the child to learn the poses to do as the CD explains proper breathing techniques. I would suggest this CD for the older child as it may be difficult for the younger children to learn proper yoga form without the visual cue that the DVD provides.  With my two children, it is often difficult to get them to do anything together without some form of bickering, so I was grateful that the CD offered something more for my older child and that she prefers the CD over the DVD. This allows them to actually have time to relax without the other one interfering with their relaxation mode.

The YogaBuddies CD and DVD are great in and of themselves, but I also encourage you to learn more about how YogaBuddies gives back to the community through such things as community classes, summer camp classes, and teacher training opportunities.  My son, who is usually unable to hold still, is actually learning to relax through the techniques offered through the YogaBuddies products and I love that it gets him concentrating on the exercises without him realizing how it is relaxing him as well. Great product and I highly recommend!!

How to Connect:
YogaBuddies on Facebook
YogaBuddies on Twitter
YogaBuddies blog

Where to Buy: YogaBuddies website

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Nintendo DS Games NOT to Miss!

Almost all the kids I know either already have a Nintendo DS or have it on their Christmas list. Here are some MUST HAVE Nintendo DS games!!! Be cool and get one or all of these for your favorite kid (or for the kid in you)!

Product: New Carnival Games
Produced by: 2K Play
Rated: E = Everyone
Price: $29.99

The New Carnival Games for Nintendo DS is certainly to be a hit in your home! It's just like going to the State Fair with fun games such as Sea Monster Showdown, Speed Bingo and Zamzeer Knows All!- over 25 exciting games altogether! Plus, no carnival is complete without a HAUNTED HOUSE and bumper cars!!! Play for over 300 great prizes that can be collected, including adorable dress up items for your character! How fun is that!!
"There were so many fun and exciting midway games that didn't make it into the original Carnival Games, that the time was right to completely upgrade the experience", said Steve Lux, vice-president of business development for 2K Play. 
The New Carnival Games is available for Nintendo Wii and is MotionPlus compatible and the multiplayer mode has been expanded to allow four people to compete for prizes at once!! The Nintendo DS version also has some new features! When played on a DSi, it allows for interactive play in the House of Mirrors and Photo Op, where the players can snap their pictures with the built in DSi camera. See the surprised look on your face the minute you win a prize as it automatically snaps a photo!!

What I liked most about this game is the ease of play. The games were fun and addictive, but did not require a lot of intense strategy, making it fun for children of all ages! My kids loved playing for the prizes so that they add cute costumes to their character and they seemed to enjoy the variety of games available! I liked the fact that the games were not very long so that when I told them to "get to a stopping point", I didn't have to wait another 30 minutes of game play.  Even though some of the games did take a little bit of concentration, there was no long list of rules to follow for play, which made it so much easier for my youngest! We had a great time taking turns with this one! Super fun and highly recommended!!!

2K Play on Twitter
New Carnival Games on Facebook

Where to Buy: Various online and store locations such as Wal-Mart, Amazon.com, Target, Sears, Toys R US and many more.

Photo: Mentor InterActive
Product: thinkSmart Game
Produced by: Mentor Interactive
Rated: E for Everyone
Price: $19.99

thinkSmart  for kids 8+ is a truly unique learning experience! It makes learning fun through 18 games in 6 different categories and three difficulty levels. At the beginning of the game, it prompts the user to pick a personal coach (either a boy or a girl) that gives personalized feedback throughout the different games. thinkSmart has games in the following categories:

  • Language
  • Memory
  • Mathematics
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Grasp 
  • Logic
Not only are these games challenging, but they help a child to use reasoning, logic, sequence and language skills plus so much more. It's not by accident that these games focus on such precise areas of learning. Research conducted through the University of Colorado helped to shape the content of the games. There are three levels of difficulty and as one level is accomplished, the next level offers more challenges. But no fret, your personal coach will offer hints and teaching strategies to assist you through the levels and give encouragement! Feedback is provided throughout the game experience that helps to fine tune your techniques and learning experience! The game is designed to be kid-friendly and is recommended for children aged eight and over. I found that some of the games were a bit of a challenge at first and even after explaining a few of the games to my kids, they still had a little bit of difficulty with a couple of the games. However, this made them even more determined to figure it out and before I knew it, they were showing me how to do certain games!! A bit educational and fun to boot...what's not to love!! Available in single player mode or up to four multi-player modes. Also available for Nintendo Wii. 

Test your skills and "power up your brain" with these game demos:

Where to Buy: Various online venues and retail stores such as Toys R' Us, GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon.com

Photo: Mentor InterActive
Product: Cosmos Chaos
Produced by: Mentor Interactive
Rated: E for Everyone (Cartoon Violence)
Price: $29.99

Cosmos Chaos is an edutainment title by Mentor InterActive. It is designed to be played on the Nintendo DS and focuses on children from the 4th thru the 7th grade. As your child spins through five intergalactic levels in this space age game, they will be focusing on improving their vocabulary skills through mini games and they won't even mind!! This action filled game combines game time with storytelling--a complete learning experience!! Help save Hugo (an adorable little dog) and the universe from the clutches of Dr. Z and his menacing robots in the world of Cosmos Chaos! Battle the bad bots with the help of your bot Buddy! Go through each interactive environment to unlock new levels and quests to make each game play a unique experience! Cosmos Chaos is out of this world!

  • abundant
  • competent
  • obstacle
  • generous
  • concentrate
  • and so much more....
My kids are both avid readers and they absolutely had a blast with this game. As a parent, we do all we can to assure that our kids are continuously learning and gaining valuable skills and I love the game element of this that allows learning in a fun manner!! In fact, this is one game I don't mind them playing a little longer!!

Where to Buy: Various online venues and retail locations such as Sears, Toys R' Us, Amazon.com, Target and more.  

FTC guidelines require that I disclose that I received each of the above mentioned games at no cost to me in order to facilitate these reviews. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions herein are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. For the full disclosure and disclaimer, please visit the Legal page

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ornaments with Love Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received an ornament at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. For complete rules and regulations, disclaimer and disclosure, please visit the legal page. 

Product: Ornaments with Love personalized Christmas ornament
Category: Personalized, kids, adults
Price: varies, average is $12.00

Ornaments with Love has over 2000 ornaments that can be personalized with the names of your choosing. They offer a variety of  Christmas Tree Ornaments that are fun and festive for the whole family!! The ornaments are made from various materials such as bread dough, wood, resin, polymer clay and clay dough and are designed by various artists and personalized by expert personalization specialists. What is unique is that each batch of ornaments ordered through the company will have the same expert personalizer so that each ornament will have the same handwriting and be consistent.

There are so many ornaments available at Ornaments with Love that you are bound to find the perfect one for that special person in your life. They have Baby Christmas Ornaments to remember baby's first Christmas, Wedding Christmas Ornaments, and Angel Christmas Ornaments  for all those wonderful angels in your life that you want to give a special gift!

I was able to order one of the Family Christmas Ornaments from Ornaments with Love. It will become a special gift for my sister and her family. Her family size was so large that I did not think I would find an ornament large enough to accommodate her family, but as previously mentioned, it was not a problem as their website has over 2000 designs. In fact, I had a hard time narrowing my choices down to one!

When the ornament arrived, I was pleasantly surprised!! I had expected the ornament to be cute, but I was surprised at the high quality of the artwork and feel of the ornament. It was bursting with color and was personalized to perfection! Not only was the shipping fast, but it arrived in a bubble wrap sleeve and wrapped in tissue paper! Not only that, but it also contained in the package, a cellophane gift bag and tie!! Ready for gift giving!! How perfect is that?! At Ornaments with Love, they go out of their way toward customer satisfaction. If you have any problems with your order, you can email them within 10 business days and they will resolve the problem to your satisfaction!  Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $50!

Where to Buy:Ornaments with Love
Gift Wrap Available: Provided with product
Ship Time: Flat Rate Priority Shipping within 2 days of order.

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Entries are closed. WINNER is Bryanna P.  Winner will have five business days to respond to email notification or a new winner will be chosen!

Tukaiz Products Personalized Calenders: Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

Product: Tukaiz Personalized Calenders
Category: Personalized, adults, children, teens
Price: $14.99-$19.99

The Tukaiz product line includes fun, personalized items such as calenders, posters, folders, cards, invitations, notebooks and more! I was fortunate enough to be able to review the personalized wall calender. I love gifts that have a personal sentiment, something that shows that some thought was put into the gift, and Tukaiz makes it easy and affordable to do just that!! For under $20 a gift can be designed on their interactive website and shipped out within two weeks! Not bad considering each order is customizable and personalized just for you!!

I found the website very easy to navigate and you can even preview what the name you choose will look like before buying. There are several design packages to choose from (up to 10 different packages including Chicago influenced and St. Louis influenced designs). Simple as 1, 2, 3....
  1. Pick a design package
  2. Add Name
  3. Preview and Check out
It's that simple!! However, if you have any difficulty while on the site, they do offer a live online chat Representative from 8AM-8PM CST from Monday-Friday to assist your every need! 

The wall calender measures 11X17 and is priced at $19.99 and the desk calender is 5X7.5 and is priced at $14.99. The paper that the calender is printed on a nice quality paper that has a wonderful thickness to it. It's very glossy making the photo pop from the page! I was very pleased with the quality of the product. I think it will be one of those items that people will save long after the original use is done and would make a wonderful recycled scrapbook page!!

Actual product received 
With the Tukaiz Products line, the gift giving opportunities are endless!! Just make sure you order now, as it does take two weeks for your order to be custom made and processed and you want to assure it's on time for Christmas morning!! Would be perfect for that hard to buy for teenager in your life or for a teacher's gift! Orders are shipped via UPS.  

Where to Buy: Tukaiz Products website


Entry form below is all that is necessary to fill out for the mandatory and bonus entries.

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One reader will win a desk sized personalized calender of their own! Winner will be responsible for shipping and handling costs. Simply fill out the form below. Mandatory entry requirements are all that is required, however feel free to enter for the bonus entries as well. One simple form does it all!!! No need to do separate entries for each method, just fill the information in completely and you are all set!! Winners will be chosen by random.org and will have five business days to respond to winning email or a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends on December 8, 2010 at midnight Central Standard Time. Good Luck.

ENTRY FORM CLOSED. WINNER is  JOHN B!!!! (the original winner did not respond within the allotted time, therefore this is an alternate winner!!)

FTC guidelines require that I disclose that I received a personalized Tukaiz calender at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions herein are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. For full disclosure, disclaimer, rules and regulations, please visit the legal page. 

The Nutria Frog Kingdom Review

Product: The Nutria Frog Kingdom
Author: Bayou Bennett
Publisher: Another Bayou Creation
Category: Books, Children
Age Range: All ages
Price: $12.99 or $17.99 (with CD)

Hurry! The Nutria frogs are in danger!!! A hurricane has damaged the barriers of the Louisinana swamp land and as a result, man-made pollution is covering the swamp, causing the endangered Nutria frogs to have to relocate to outside their natural habitat! What can be done? 

In the environmental friendly tale, The Nutria Frog Kingdom, written by Bayou Bennett, two cousins named Randy and Tina learn a valuable lesson about the effects pollution has on the environment. As they travel into the swamp, they meet up with King Leo (who sings and plays the washboard) and his pal Blues Man (a odd looking blue nutria frog) and learn about the effects of the hurricane and the pollution it brought in, and how it has affected the Nutria frog habitat. They embark on a journey of discovery as they learn the importance of trees and the oxygen they supply and learn how beautiful the swamp land can be once all the dirty pollution and trash are removed! It's a wonderful tale that teaches children the first steps toward helping save the planet and becoming environmental friendly citizens. The beautiful illustrations engage the child and bring to life the characters of the Nutria Frog Kingdom! Come with them as they teach others within their community how to plant trees and take pride in their environment!!

Also included with the book is a delightful music CD by Washboard Leo Thomas that encompasses the storyline of the The Nutria Frog Kingdom along with his washboard style music!! The music is fun and my children loved having a CD that made King Leo come to life!!! Washboard Leo Thomas, father of Bayou Bennett and environmentalist, is most well known for the invention of the electric washboard! 

What I enjoyed most about this story is that not only is it educational, but it tells a real life story of Washboard Leo and his love for Louisiana and the sad journey of the Mandeville Bayou after the devastation that Hurricane Katrina left behind. Washboard Leo Thomas and his daughter Bayou Bennett tell a story of love as well as a story of survival.  It is through their eyes we can see the hope and inspiration that those affected by Katrina have to return their land to what it once was before the hurricane hit. Not only does learning about the Bayou explain the importance of keeping our environment clean, but it also shares how the animals in the land need our help to maintain their habitats. Bayou Bennett--from Eureka Springs, Arkansas--is a writer, director, producer and lover of dance and art! I encourage you to watch this video to learn more about the inspiration behind The Nutria Frog Kingdom and her other story, "Me, My Father and the Hurricane: The Story of Washboard Leo".  You can find the video here: Watch now!

My two children absolutely enjoyed the story, the CD and the lesson it taught! When we watched the video, that includes Bayou Bennett and her father Washboard Leo, it showed him playing his washboard in Branson, Mo. We frequent there several times a year and now the kids want to go to Branson to see Washboard Leo and Blues Man! They truly loved the story and I think it is because of the heartfelt effort put into it. It feels as though someone is opening up their heart and letting you inside and reading this book truly is an inspiration. They also enjoyed the fun little drawing activities at the back of the book, where kids are encouraged to draw different scenarios toward becoming more "green" in their everyday living! Hope to get the opportunity to have the book hand signed one day by both Bayou Bennett and Washboard Leo.

To listen to a sample of the songs on the CD, simply visit the store below as sampler songs are available. 

How to Connect: Connect with Bayou Bennett at the following online networks
Where to Buy: The Nutria Frog Kingdom website

FTC guidelines require that I disclose that I received a copy of The Nutria Frog Kingdom at no cost to me in order to faciliate this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions herein are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Please visit the "Legal" page for full disclosure and disclaimer. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

World's Best Origami by Nick Robinson Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

Product: World's Best Origami -Over 100 amazing models from top origami artists
Author: Nick Robinson
Category: Books, Teens, Adults
Publisher: Alpha Publishing
Price: $19.95

World's Best Origami is brought to you by Nick Robinson, an advanced level professional origami artist! Robinson has been folding paper into amazing and complex shapes for over twenty-five years and this book highlights some of his favorite models from origami artists from around the world.

The book is divided into various complexity levels, allowing even the basic folder a place to start while still challenging the more advanced folder. The models are superbly illustrated, giving step by step instructions and directions toward techniques such as creating 60 degree angles and polygons- all of which help to create the unique shapes throughout the book. Learn how to make beautiful flowers, robots, containers, envelopes and more! When you feel more confident in your folding abilities, go forward with some of the more complex designs such as the DNA Strand. Each model is labeled with a difficulty level from one (easy) to five (hard)--the DNA Strand is a difficulty level of five, so when you accomplish that, you know you are on your way to becoming a Origami Master!

What I enjoyed about the book is that Chapter 1 assumes you know nothing about origami and breaks it down into the basics. In this chapter you will learn how to fold, how to find your style, what sort of papers to use and what the different origami symbols mean. It teaches you how to make the basic shapes that other models will expand upon and also some of the basic folds that you will use on a regular basis. This chapter is very valuable to the beginning folder and will be a great refresher to the more experienced folder and will give the tools necessary to be successful throughout the rest of the book. I am not certain what age range to list this as simply because the concepts are so well explained that even a child may be able to do some of the more basic designs, however, I think it would be more designed for the tween to adult age range, as children can become very frustrated if they are not able to accomplish the task they set out to do. Overall impression: This book has 100 different models to attempt with over 300 pages of illustration and instruction which will keep you busy for quite some time! It's a great family project book and will provide hours of fun to anyone on your Christmas shopping list!! I highly recommend it!

Where to Purchase: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble
Format: Printed and Kindle edition
Other Titles by this Author:


One lucky winner will get a copy of this book for their very own!! Simply fill out your name and email in the form below. You can enter once a day for more chances to win!

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received a copy of the book at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received.  All opinions shared within are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Thanks to Nick Robinson and Alpha Publishing  for providing a copy for a giveaway. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cahootie Review and Giveaway (Closed)

Product: Cahootie

Category: Children
Age Range: 6-13 years old
Price: $6.99-$13.99

The Cahootie "Animal Planet: Dogs Rule!" is a retro inspired game that is much like the paper folded game a lot of us can probably remember making in grade school. I was never that talented, so was very pleased when the Cahootie came and it was already preassembled! The game has bright, vivid photos of adorable little puppy dogs and it comes with two sheets of peel and stick interchangable stickers that make the game even more fun and personable! The Cahootie itself is made out of a laminated paper that is very durable. My girl has played with her Cahootie for hours on end now, and it hasn't even begun to show signs of wear, which surprised me, as I didn't expect it to be so durable. There are many different designs of Cahootie. They offer Birthday Diva, Rockin Out, Girl Wonders, Wishes and Dreams, My Fab Future, Truth or Dare and many many more! Lots of fun and a great stocking stuffer!
Cahootie has truly thought this product out and I was over-all impressed with the design. Not only that, but they believe in given back to the community and donate their products to many venues where they can help enrich the lives of children across the nation. It is so important in today's world for tweens and teens to fill a connection with their peers, and games such as this take them away from the television, computers, cell phones, etc and allows them to interact with others in a fun, imaginative manner! In fact, they have even introduced "Club Cahootie"

Club Cahootie is designed for tweens and teens to stay in touch with their friends. It is designed so that your child is not "friending" someone online whom you know nothing about and who could actually be a child predator. Instead, your child can print out invitations to give to their real-world friends and therefore you know the people they will be interacting with on a regular basis. This invitation has a special code that must be entered before that person can connect with your child. Once that code is entered, the parent automatically recieves an email alerting them to the new contact. The level of caution that Cahootie has taken to insure our child's privacy is commendable and one reason that I feel confident about this company and the products they offer!

Where to Buy: Store Locator
Social Networks: Cahootie on Facebook


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FTC Regulations require that I disclose that I received a Cahootie at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions herein are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Please visit the "legal page" for a full disclosure, disclaimer, giveaway rules and regulations.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Review and Giveaway (closed)

Product: Chicken Soup for the Soul - A Book of Miracles
Authors: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and LeAnn Thieman
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing
Category: Books, Teens, Adults
Price: $14.95

One box of tissue

I had heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul line of books before, but this was the first time that I had the opportunity to read one. The Book of Miracles came at an appropriate time in my life. As I read through the stories, I was able to relate to the life situations that others were experiencing and the emotions that they evoked. Every one of us has a moment in our lives where we need a bit of encouragement and The Chicken Soup for the Soul books happen to showcase stories of hope, challenge and survival. If ever you doubted God's presence in your life, the 101 stories in this book will help to reclaim your faith. Read how God's presence helped to provide comfort and healing to others in their time of need. Experience these first-hand accounts of divine intervention and answered prayers, but fair warning: have the tissues on hand!

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

Product: Chicken Soup for the Soul - Think Positive
Authors: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Amy Newmark (foreword by Deborah Norville)
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing
Category: Books, Teens, Adults
Price: $14.95

Another great title by The Chicken Soup for the Soul line of books is the Think Positive book that shares 101 stories about counting your blessings and having a positive attitude. I will the first to admit that I have more of a pessimistic attitude and even though I want to be one of those people who are able to take any bad situation and turn it into a positive moment, the truth is that I simply don't succeed in doing so most of the time. This book had me laughing and crying, as it helped me to see how I could engage in simple changes that could make a difference in the way I looked at things. I know negativity has an adverse reaction on your health, on your social interactions and your self-esteem, and making simple changes can make a life changing difference! The stories teach you how to count your blessings, simplify, and change your outlook on life so that you can turn any adversity into an opportunity!

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received a review copy of each of the books listed above for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions herein are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Thanks to Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing for sponsoring a giveaway and providing review copies!

!!!! WIN !!!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

101 Jokes for Kids book Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received a PDF version of this book at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. The sponsor, Delabarre Publishing,  is responsible for prize fulfillment. 

Product: 101 Short and Hilarious Jokes for Kids by Scott Allen, Illustrated by Michelle Dimuzio
Category: Books, Children
Age Range: All ages
Publisher: Delabarre Publishing (August 25, 2010)
Format Support: PDF Ebook, Kindle, iPad

101 Jokes For Kids, written by Scott Allen, offers hours worth of entertainment through easy to understand, one liner jokes that kids of all ages can appreciate. This book can be downloaded onto a Kindle or Kindle enabled device (like an iPhone or Android) iPod Touch,  iPad or through a PDF version ebook, making it easy to take with you for a laugh anytime of the day! Inside the book, there are several categories of jokes. There are animals jokes such as:

What do you call a grizzly with no teeth?
A gummy bear

Other categories include Everyday People, Games and Sports and more! These are all CLEAN jokes that your child can read without a worry! My favorite is: 

What do you call a very professional plumber?
A drain surgeon 

The book is in an easy to read format and has the cutest design work compiled by illustrator Michelle Dimuzio.  My two kiddos had no problem understanding the punch lines and after reading the jokes, had the most fun reciting them to family and friends! It's a great book and wholesome fun, which is always an A+ in my books! Always great to have for those holiday road trips when the famous "are we there yet" resonates from the back seat. When downloaded to a Kindle or iPad, it creates an instant boredom buster! Fun for all ages!!

Where to Purchase: Available for download on Kindle on Amazon.com
Price: $2.99

5 Readers have a chance to win their own copy!!! 
May enter to win ONCE DAILY!

THIS JUST IN! Delabarre Publishing has just released another great title. The book "102 Hilarious Christmas Jokes for Kids-Jokes and Riddles That Will Make your Belly Shake Like Jelly" by Julie Winterbottom and illustrated by Michelle Dimuzio" is available on Amazon.com for download onto Kindle for only $2.99. Thought you might enjoy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Your Life in Comics (CLOSED)

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received a copy of the book at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions shared within are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Thanks to Free Spirit Publishing and Bill Zimmerman for providing a copy for a giveaway. 

Product: Your Life in Comics 100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw by Bill Zimmerman
Category: Books, Children
Age Range: 9-13
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing (October 5, 2010)
Price: $9.99

Your Life in Comics: 100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw introduces the world of interactive comic books! Bill Zimmerman (Creator) and Tyler Page (illustrator) have created a book that will inspire creativity through the ability to design and write comics from the prompts provided on each page. The pages include topics that most tween and teen boys are faced with: Goals, heroes, social interactions, bullying, planning for the future, family interactions and much more. These writing prompts allow a child to express their innermost thoughts and attitudes concerning life and life events. Each page offers something new- from completing a comic strip to essay style questions that get the child thinking deeper about how they feel on certain topics. One page asks: You can live in your favorite book.... What book did you choose? Which character are you? How does the story change now that you're in it? 

The book is also internet connected. Many of the pages can be printed by going to the publisher's website. Also on the publishers website are other website extensions from the book and downloadable activities. The author  has additional comic strips and cartoon ideas on his website that can give a child more ideas for their creative endeavors!

Personal Experince: My son filled his book almost to its entirety within a few weeks. He wrote it in almost daily, erasing and fine-tuning each page. My son has always been a big reader, but he usually has difficulty in today's world of buttons, gizmos, lights and sound toys using his imagination. This book prompted him to use his imagination and to think outside the box. It did this and much more! I highly recommend this book for all boys and would love to buy an additional copy for him to complete again in a few years when his maturity level has increased to see how different his thoughts were now compared to later in his life. Would love to see a girl version of this book in the future!!

Where to Purchase: Free Spirit Publishing
Gift Wrap Available: No
Ship Time: 3-5 business days


Entries are now CLOSED. The winner is.....Deborah W! Congratulations!!!

The World Needs Your Kid book Review and Giveaway

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received review copies of this book for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Written permission has been granted for the use of the photographs within this review.

THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR KID: Raising Children Who Care and Contribute
by Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger,
and Shelley Page

Publication Date: September 7, 2010
Category: Books
Price: 19.99 (currently on sale on Amazon.com for $13.57)

This wonderful book, with a foreword by the Dalai Lama,teaches parents how to raise children that give back to society. Instead of your child going through life as a bystander, learn how to give your child the tools necessary to become a caring, loving citizen.

Lessons include such titles as "How to Find Your Rebel a Cause" and "What Do You Want to be as Your Kids Grow Up" and are surrounded by beautiful and inspirational photographs of people, places and events that tell a story. Your child and you will learn techniques toward identifying ways to make a positive change in the world. Read first person accounts from people who have seen diversity and made a decision to become part of the solution; people such as Jerry White, who lost his leg in a land mine accident and then founded Survivor Corps, an agency that helps victims of war rebuild their lives.  The World Needs Your Kid teaches children to "live the message" and to "be the change" through small  and simple exercises that require a small investment of self. This book will inspire you to be a better person through the heart felt stories and acts of courage expressed within; a small glimpse into the trials and tribulations felt around the globe. The authors (Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger and Shelley Page) have written and organized an excellent tool for all parents. This book is 271 pages full of life that will keep the wheels in your head turning for a long time to come.

With each book purchase, the Me to We foundation gives a notebook to a child in a developing country.

Learn more about  Craig and Marc Kielburger's charity: Free the Children and follow the two brothers on Twitter for updates on their travels and experiences.

Where to Purchase: Amazon.com
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Ship Time: One day shipping available


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Winner's Circle

Time for some more winners!!!

For those of you that frequent my blog, you know that I offered a $25 Gift Certificate to either Amazon.com, iTunes.com or Paypal simply for being connected to my blog in some form or fashion. It could have been through email updates, Google Friend Connect or Twitter. I will randomly offer "Readers Only" giveaways, so in order to stay in the know, I suggest signing up to receive my blog posts updates by email.

The winner of this "Readers Only" giveaway goes to:

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Ellie Wright
GFC follower (ellie)

The winner of The Comfort Company Memorial Ornament goes to:

Nicole H. said...10

I follow via. GFC!

Thanks to all that participated!! Winners will be notified by email and will have five business days to respond or another winner will be chosen. Be certain to check Holiday Gift Guide from now until December 24!! Lots of contests, giveaways and product reviews!


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