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Sunday, November 28, 2010

YogaBuddies DVD and CD Review and Giveaway (Closed)

Product: YogaBuddies Bedtime Stories DVD
Category: Children
Age Range: 4 years old and up

YogaBuddies is founded by Danay DiVirgilio, a behavioral therapist devoting her life toward making a difference in the lives of teens and children. DiVirgilio designed the Bedtime Stories as a tool to help children aged four and up learn relaxation techniques that helps them prepare for a restful night's sleep. In this 40 minute video, children learn stretches from kids their own age. Join Lucy, Cole, Zack, Amelia and Feebee on A Magical Car Ride, a bedtime story read by Danay, that includes cute animated scenes that bring the characters to life. In the process of the story, yoga poses like the Cow Pose, Cat Pose, Peacock Pose, Around the World and Mountain Pose, plus so many more are introduced to your child. Each pose is shown in complete detail, so your child can easily follow the visual cues. These exercise activities are meant to help a child stretch, relax and wind down before attempting to go to sleep. There are three stories altogether, each incorporating yoga poses and story telling fun! Danay has a very soothing and calm voice, which made the story telling experience very pleasant. In all, your children will learn over forty different yoga poses!!

My children loved to follow along to the video and I liked that the stories and the exercises combined did not take very long, so the kids did not mind giving up that bit of time in their already busy schedule. Usually, getting ready for bed was a huge chore to my children. They are much like their mom and would rather be night owls, so I do have some difficulty getting them to bed. They get up a million different times, simply searching for some other reason to not be in their beds. When I introduced them to the YogaBuddies DVD, they wanted to go to their rooms and get ready for bed! My oldest is eleven and she was even enjoying the exercises. They each have their favorite story!!

If there was anything I would change it would be to have a real story book to accompany the DVD. It is nice to have the DVD tell the story, but I think it would be good if the kids could read along with the story. Having the story to watch and the book to follow along with pictures and designs, would give this a more rounded experience. I think I just like the physical feel of having something solid in my hand to enjoy when the DVD option is not available.

The YogaBuddies also offers another option for their exercise and Yoga experience. They also offer the YogaBuddies CD.

Product: Good Morning/Good Night with YogaBuddies CD
Category: Children
Price: $14.99

The Good Morning and Good Night CD is a two CD set. One is the Good Morning CD which offers 22 different yoga poses that are designed to energize the body while providing positive affirmations. The other CD is titled Good Night and it teaches 18 different poses to help your child unwind and get ready for sleep. Since this is done on an audio format only, a colorful poster is included with the CD set that shows how to do the various poses. This helps the child to learn the poses to do as the CD explains proper breathing techniques. I would suggest this CD for the older child as it may be difficult for the younger children to learn proper yoga form without the visual cue that the DVD provides.  With my two children, it is often difficult to get them to do anything together without some form of bickering, so I was grateful that the CD offered something more for my older child and that she prefers the CD over the DVD. This allows them to actually have time to relax without the other one interfering with their relaxation mode.

The YogaBuddies CD and DVD are great in and of themselves, but I also encourage you to learn more about how YogaBuddies gives back to the community through such things as community classes, summer camp classes, and teacher training opportunities.  My son, who is usually unable to hold still, is actually learning to relax through the techniques offered through the YogaBuddies products and I love that it gets him concentrating on the exercises without him realizing how it is relaxing him as well. Great product and I highly recommend!!

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Thank you for such a wonderful and honest review of our DVD and CD. I am happy your children enjoyed learning new ways to relax.
Danay DiVirgilio


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