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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Nintendo DS Games NOT to Miss!

Almost all the kids I know either already have a Nintendo DS or have it on their Christmas list. Here are some MUST HAVE Nintendo DS games!!! Be cool and get one or all of these for your favorite kid (or for the kid in you)!

Product: New Carnival Games
Produced by: 2K Play
Rated: E = Everyone
Price: $29.99

The New Carnival Games for Nintendo DS is certainly to be a hit in your home! It's just like going to the State Fair with fun games such as Sea Monster Showdown, Speed Bingo and Zamzeer Knows All!- over 25 exciting games altogether! Plus, no carnival is complete without a HAUNTED HOUSE and bumper cars!!! Play for over 300 great prizes that can be collected, including adorable dress up items for your character! How fun is that!!
"There were so many fun and exciting midway games that didn't make it into the original Carnival Games, that the time was right to completely upgrade the experience", said Steve Lux, vice-president of business development for 2K Play. 
The New Carnival Games is available for Nintendo Wii and is MotionPlus compatible and the multiplayer mode has been expanded to allow four people to compete for prizes at once!! The Nintendo DS version also has some new features! When played on a DSi, it allows for interactive play in the House of Mirrors and Photo Op, where the players can snap their pictures with the built in DSi camera. See the surprised look on your face the minute you win a prize as it automatically snaps a photo!!

What I liked most about this game is the ease of play. The games were fun and addictive, but did not require a lot of intense strategy, making it fun for children of all ages! My kids loved playing for the prizes so that they add cute costumes to their character and they seemed to enjoy the variety of games available! I liked the fact that the games were not very long so that when I told them to "get to a stopping point", I didn't have to wait another 30 minutes of game play.  Even though some of the games did take a little bit of concentration, there was no long list of rules to follow for play, which made it so much easier for my youngest! We had a great time taking turns with this one! Super fun and highly recommended!!!

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Where to Buy: Various online and store locations such as Wal-Mart, Amazon.com, Target, Sears, Toys R US and many more.

Photo: Mentor InterActive
Product: thinkSmart Game
Produced by: Mentor Interactive
Rated: E for Everyone
Price: $19.99

thinkSmart  for kids 8+ is a truly unique learning experience! It makes learning fun through 18 games in 6 different categories and three difficulty levels. At the beginning of the game, it prompts the user to pick a personal coach (either a boy or a girl) that gives personalized feedback throughout the different games. thinkSmart has games in the following categories:

  • Language
  • Memory
  • Mathematics
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Grasp 
  • Logic
Not only are these games challenging, but they help a child to use reasoning, logic, sequence and language skills plus so much more. It's not by accident that these games focus on such precise areas of learning. Research conducted through the University of Colorado helped to shape the content of the games. There are three levels of difficulty and as one level is accomplished, the next level offers more challenges. But no fret, your personal coach will offer hints and teaching strategies to assist you through the levels and give encouragement! Feedback is provided throughout the game experience that helps to fine tune your techniques and learning experience! The game is designed to be kid-friendly and is recommended for children aged eight and over. I found that some of the games were a bit of a challenge at first and even after explaining a few of the games to my kids, they still had a little bit of difficulty with a couple of the games. However, this made them even more determined to figure it out and before I knew it, they were showing me how to do certain games!! A bit educational and fun to boot...what's not to love!! Available in single player mode or up to four multi-player modes. Also available for Nintendo Wii. 

Test your skills and "power up your brain" with these game demos:

Where to Buy: Various online venues and retail stores such as Toys R' Us, GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon.com

Photo: Mentor InterActive
Product: Cosmos Chaos
Produced by: Mentor Interactive
Rated: E for Everyone (Cartoon Violence)
Price: $29.99

Cosmos Chaos is an edutainment title by Mentor InterActive. It is designed to be played on the Nintendo DS and focuses on children from the 4th thru the 7th grade. As your child spins through five intergalactic levels in this space age game, they will be focusing on improving their vocabulary skills through mini games and they won't even mind!! This action filled game combines game time with storytelling--a complete learning experience!! Help save Hugo (an adorable little dog) and the universe from the clutches of Dr. Z and his menacing robots in the world of Cosmos Chaos! Battle the bad bots with the help of your bot Buddy! Go through each interactive environment to unlock new levels and quests to make each game play a unique experience! Cosmos Chaos is out of this world!

  • abundant
  • competent
  • obstacle
  • generous
  • concentrate
  • and so much more....
My kids are both avid readers and they absolutely had a blast with this game. As a parent, we do all we can to assure that our kids are continuously learning and gaining valuable skills and I love the game element of this that allows learning in a fun manner!! In fact, this is one game I don't mind them playing a little longer!!

Where to Buy: Various online venues and retail locations such as Sears, Toys R' Us, Amazon.com, Target and more.  

FTC guidelines require that I disclose that I received each of the above mentioned games at no cost to me in order to facilitate these reviews. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions herein are my own honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. For the full disclosure and disclaimer, please visit the Legal page


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