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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Nutria Frog Kingdom Review

Product: The Nutria Frog Kingdom
Author: Bayou Bennett
Publisher: Another Bayou Creation
Category: Books, Children
Age Range: All ages
Price: $12.99 or $17.99 (with CD)

Hurry! The Nutria frogs are in danger!!! A hurricane has damaged the barriers of the Louisinana swamp land and as a result, man-made pollution is covering the swamp, causing the endangered Nutria frogs to have to relocate to outside their natural habitat! What can be done? 

In the environmental friendly tale, The Nutria Frog Kingdom, written by Bayou Bennett, two cousins named Randy and Tina learn a valuable lesson about the effects pollution has on the environment. As they travel into the swamp, they meet up with King Leo (who sings and plays the washboard) and his pal Blues Man (a odd looking blue nutria frog) and learn about the effects of the hurricane and the pollution it brought in, and how it has affected the Nutria frog habitat. They embark on a journey of discovery as they learn the importance of trees and the oxygen they supply and learn how beautiful the swamp land can be once all the dirty pollution and trash are removed! It's a wonderful tale that teaches children the first steps toward helping save the planet and becoming environmental friendly citizens. The beautiful illustrations engage the child and bring to life the characters of the Nutria Frog Kingdom! Come with them as they teach others within their community how to plant trees and take pride in their environment!!

Also included with the book is a delightful music CD by Washboard Leo Thomas that encompasses the storyline of the The Nutria Frog Kingdom along with his washboard style music!! The music is fun and my children loved having a CD that made King Leo come to life!!! Washboard Leo Thomas, father of Bayou Bennett and environmentalist, is most well known for the invention of the electric washboard! 

What I enjoyed most about this story is that not only is it educational, but it tells a real life story of Washboard Leo and his love for Louisiana and the sad journey of the Mandeville Bayou after the devastation that Hurricane Katrina left behind. Washboard Leo Thomas and his daughter Bayou Bennett tell a story of love as well as a story of survival.  It is through their eyes we can see the hope and inspiration that those affected by Katrina have to return their land to what it once was before the hurricane hit. Not only does learning about the Bayou explain the importance of keeping our environment clean, but it also shares how the animals in the land need our help to maintain their habitats. Bayou Bennett--from Eureka Springs, Arkansas--is a writer, director, producer and lover of dance and art! I encourage you to watch this video to learn more about the inspiration behind The Nutria Frog Kingdom and her other story, "Me, My Father and the Hurricane: The Story of Washboard Leo".  You can find the video here: Watch now!

My two children absolutely enjoyed the story, the CD and the lesson it taught! When we watched the video, that includes Bayou Bennett and her father Washboard Leo, it showed him playing his washboard in Branson, Mo. We frequent there several times a year and now the kids want to go to Branson to see Washboard Leo and Blues Man! They truly loved the story and I think it is because of the heartfelt effort put into it. It feels as though someone is opening up their heart and letting you inside and reading this book truly is an inspiration. They also enjoyed the fun little drawing activities at the back of the book, where kids are encouraged to draw different scenarios toward becoming more "green" in their everyday living! Hope to get the opportunity to have the book hand signed one day by both Bayou Bennett and Washboard Leo.

To listen to a sample of the songs on the CD, simply visit the store below as sampler songs are available. 

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Where to Buy: The Nutria Frog Kingdom website

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