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Friday, October 22, 2010

KT Tunstall "Tiger Suit" CD Review

KT Tunstall, the Scottish singer-songwriter known for her raspy voice and bluesy rhythm, has a new album that hit the shelves in America on Oct. 5, 2010. The new album titled "Tiger Suit" features the Top 20 radio hit "Fade Like a Shadow" as well as a combination of other songs that introduce Tunstall's nature techno combinations of electronic textures and acoustic revelations. The music choices are quite a shift from her previous hits of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", "Suddenly I See" and "Hold On" ....and because of this, a die hard fan might need to adjust to this newfound style and experience Tunstall in a completely different light--one where her voice is often hidden behind the hiccups and clicks of techno interference.

There are a few songs on the album, such as "Push That Knot Away" where the instrumentals blend effortlessly, allowing Tunstall's voice to be appreciated for the rawness and honesty it evokes. This is the Tunstall that I looked forward to hearing again and this is this is a Tunstall that I believe in. Even though the techo blends are not my favorite style, I am impressed that KT Tunstall took a leap in her musical direction to include some creativity that would reintroduce her voice to a new generation, where her music can continue to inspire and evoke musical expression!

The album consists of the following:

  • Uummannaq Song
  • Glamour Puss
  • Push That Knot Away
  • Difficulty
  • Fade Like a Shadow
  • Lost
  • Golden Frames
  • Come On, Get In
  • (Still A) Weirdo
  • Madame Trudeaux
  • The Entertainer

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FTC Guidelines Require that I disclose that I received the album "Tiger Suit" at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. Thank you to One2One Network for providing the opportunity to review this album. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary


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