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Monday, December 20, 2010

Potato Chip Science Book & Stuff -High In Saturated FACTS! Review

Product: Potato Chip Science Kit
Author:  A.Kurzweil & Son
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Category: Books, Kids
Age Range: 8-12 years old
Price: $17.95

Okay...bear with me y'all, as I have found something that I want to talk about....uh oh. I am a sucker for educational toys, books and so forth, and so when Workman Publishing sent me the Potato Chip Science Book & Stuff, I was more than a little excited. Let me tell you why!

The author of the book is Allen Kurzweil and his son Max and together they have formulated a kit that is "high in saturated facts" as they so put it...and that's just an understatement. This is not just a book but an EXPERIENCE that you and your child will not soon forget!  Have you ever heard the saying that "presentation is everything"....well let me tell ya, these guys must have received an A+ in design with this product!

The Potato Chip Science Book & Stuff comes to you like a loaded baked potato (which, I have a delicious recipe for such if you find yourself making a loaded baked potato soup or potato salad with all the leftover spuds), jammed packed with fun and exciting materials to use toward 29 experiments....err...I mean,  snacktivities!  The kit and all its contents arrive in a (take a wild guess) ....Potato Chip bag! How clever and cute!! This bag is cleverly designed and illustrated on its own, but wait until you see what's inside!!!

What is all of that you say? Well...let's see:

  • 96 page book of step-by-step instructions
  • digital sound clip
  • Propulsion pipe
  • Starch base (biodegradable)
  • 6 optical stickers
  • 6 chip lids
  • digital clock mechanism
  • zinc and copper electrodes
  • googly eyes 
  • wire connectors
  • starch knife
  • packing "chips" (don't worry they have a purpose too, everything in the kit does, including the....)
  • potato chip bag
All of these items will be utilized to help you and your child construct and decipher 29 different science experiments!  As they figure out how to make a bag blaster, bird feeder, chipmobile, Windmill, Shrunken head and many, many more experiments, they will also be learning physics, ecology, forensics, biology, acoustics, aeronautics, animations and so much more!!! Some simple supplies might be needed from your own household, such as tape, scissors, straws and of course the main ingredient....potatoes!!! Other than that, all the tools are right there inside the bag! 

This hands-on adventure will excite your child to the fullest and will give you complete satisfaction that they are learning and having fun while doing so! What I liked most is that nothing goes to waste, so this entire kit is great for the environment as well!! How great is that?! 

What I found is that even after all the ingredients from this kit are utilized, your child will still have the step-by-step instruction book that will allow him to complete further experiments in the future!! It made my children want to start recycling more and now they look at trash in a whole new light!! We have found new ways to reclaim soda cans, bottles, lids and many more objects as this book inspired them in a creative and ingenious manner that makes me a happy parent!! 

Fair Warning: Some of the experiments will leave you puzzled at first, but anytime you get confused, simply stop and restart and usually you can find your mistake. Some require a bit more patience and careful attention to detail. This was great for my kids as they both have difficulty in Reading The Directions and so this exercise was good for them on that regard! I think it really helped them to understand the importance of directions and following them step by step and not jumping ahead. I just don't have enough positive words to describe my satisfaction with the Potato Chip Science Book!! Thank you to Allen Kurzweil and his son Max and Workman Publishing for creating and supplying the world with this innovative product!! You can see all the thought that went into the design and it makes me happy to see that someone cares about the experience one will get after purchasing an item. So many products on the market are a big fail/flop and simply a waste of money. Rest assured that this is not one of those products!! You will be happy with the entire experience, from start to finish...just like in the old days!  

Potato Chip Science has won the 2010 Nappa Award as well as the 2010 Tillywig Brain Child Award!! 

Where to Purchase: Workman Publishing (currently out of stock), Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Powell's Book, Indiebound

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I saw this Saturday when we were out Christmas shopping!!! Thought is was blasted awesome!!

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