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Sunday, December 19, 2010

DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex Deluxe Review

Product:DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex Deluxe
Author: Randall Lotowycz
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Category: Books, Children
Price: $12.95

If you have a Super Heroes fan in your home, this is the ultimate fandex to give them this year! I had never heard of a "fandex" before and found that it is a book that provides tons of information on any given subject in a neat easy fan style layout. This book, DC Comic Super Heroes and Villains Fandex, features all of your favorite super heroes such as Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc and all of their nemeses including The Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Lex Luthor and many more!! Altogether there are 75 individual die-cut cards that give key information on the comic book characters, assuring you receive all the pertinent information at your fingertips!

DC Comics is currently celebrating 75 years of DC Comics! Throughout this time, they have built a fan base including children and adults alike and they have gone outside the comic books to include television shows and great action films! My son absolutely loves Batman and The Joker, and as soon as he got his hands on this book, he was learning the history of these characters. The individual cards include information about the origins, biography, motivations, weaknesses and back-stories of each character so that a beginner comic book fan has a tool for learning about a favorite character and a novice can use the fandex as a source of reference. To learn more about DC Comics, visit their website.

My son has action figures of Batman, but now he is on the ultimate search to find every character in the book so that he can complete his collection. I like that he can simply find a character by the family it is grouped with so he is able to learn how the characters connect. The pages are printed on both the front and back side, so a lot of information is provided and I think it will help him gain a better understanding of the characters. Since each page has a photo of the character (taken from the original comic books) he is able to learn these characters although he has not previously been familiar with them at all. And trust me, every few minutes, he is telling me some amazing fact about one of the characters! He was so smitten with this book, that I even ordered him another fandex of his favorite Star Wars characters.

Workman Publishing has a number of other fandex-style books, as follows:

  • American Indians
  • First Ladies
  • Butterflies of the World
  • 5 States
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Civil War
  • Composers
  • Dogs 
  • Explorers
  • Mummies, Gods and Pharaohs
  • Dinosaurs
  • and so many more!!!
These books will become a favorite in your home as your child will enjoy learning due to the format of these books!! With the DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex, we found that it is sometimes difficult reading the back pages, depending on where the page was located and for that reason, it would be neat if the fandex came with removable cards that could snap in and out of position. Other than that, it was a huge hit in our house!!! 

Where to Purchase: Workman Publishing, Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles, and various other venues


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