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Friday, December 17, 2010

Beamz Player Review - So easy, anyone can play!!

Product: Beamz Player
Category: Children, Teens, Adults
Price: $199.99

I can't play a guitar. I can't play the drums-nor the clarinet or flute, or tuba or anything else you might name off. I can "hen-peck" a bit of piano, but I don't torture many with the act of listening!! I thought my musical talent was going rest in the graces of a tambourine or the Triangle thing that you simply "ding", but I have now discovered a new approach toward my musical independence!! My target: The Beamz Player. 

Never heard of it??? Don't feel bad. I hadn't heard of it either, but once I was introduced to the player, I couldn't wait to try it!! The Beamz Player is the MOST UNIQUE product that I have come across thus far!! I am uber excited to share it with you! In order for you to fully understand exactly what the Beamz Player can do, please view the video below.

The Beamz Player was recently featured on THE TALK, as part of Dr. Gadget's Holiday Gift segment: View the episode now!

The Beamz Player allows ANYONE to be able to play music without ever first learning how to read a note of music!! It is like having a whole band at your fingertips....literally! The player is actually a device that hooks up to your computer via USB and after an easy install, it is ready to play in a matter of minutes. Simply strum your fingers over the laser beams and "play the light".  What's your favorite instrument? You can probably play it and more on the Beamz Player as it offers hundreds of different instrument choices--allowing you to become the WHOLE band. The player comes preloaded with over 50 popular songs and if that isn't enough, other songs from a variety of genres can be downloaded (small fee applies) to your own library, expanding your selections and creating hours and hours of entertainment. A sample of the songs available for download include:

  • Jingle Bells
  • Viva La Vida
  • Boom Boom Pow
  • Every Breath You Take
  • Play That Funky Music
  • Chamber Concerto
  • FunkyTown
  • Happy Birthday
  • It's A Small World
  • and many more!!!
You can even record your experience and playback at a later time! If the ability to play your favorite tunes is not enough, the Beamz Player also allows you to play along to popular music videos, allowing you to add your own mix and spin to the song! But, that's not all....it also features GAMES such as ShadowBeamz and more, assuring art, entertainment and music appreciation! 

There is one more feature that the Beamz Player supports: It also doubles as an Instant Smile Maker! My two children are in awe of this product. There is no disappointment as each experience is unique and they cannot make a mistake as each movement simply adds a spin to the mix, allowing your child to completely immerse himself in the creative process. 

The Beamz Player has the original model available, and also offers the DJ/Pro version as well. An optional stand is also available for purchase, which I am thinking of ordering as the player is rather large and having the stand would allow the whole "composer" experience to feel more authentic! It can be connected to a PC or Mac (with Boot Camp), and requires the following:
For best performance, connect laptop or desktop to host computer with 1.3GHz processor or greater (with 2.0GB RAM; 5 GB available HDD space) running Windows 7, Vista or XP; Beamz may be used on MAC computers within Boot Camp, 1 dedicated USB port (cannot connect via USB hub), DVD-ROM drive for software and content installation.
 The Beamz Interactive Music Player has received a number of awards, including becoming the TOY INSIDER Best Tween Toy for 2010!

My Experience: I feel that the Beamz Player is the most innovative product on the current market. It inspires creativity on a level that appeals to children and adults alike, as the user-friendly design is certain to create a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation toward music. There is nothing else like it on the market. It is the first of its kind and will become one of those items that you are delighted to share with others! It is something that must be used with a computer, so fair warning: If you don't have computer that you can dedicate to the use of this product, it might be wise to get one, as everyone is going to want to play it! It is a little steep in price for some, but when I priced a guitar, drum set and violin (all of which my daughter wanted for Christmas), it put it into perspective how reasonable the price actually is--not to mention--NO LESSONS! We found it so easy to use and it became an immediate hit with the entire family! I especially like the fact that it is simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an expert musician to enjoy! I highly recommend it and give it my seal of approval!!
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