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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Write Brain Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

Product: Little Write Brain
Category: Children, Personalized
Age Range: 3-8 years old
Price: Free online, $24.99 for printed book

Little Write Brain is an education media company that was founded by Illa Mehta, a mother of two, who wanted to develop a place where children could take an interactive role in creating storybooks that reflected their home and lifestyle. Since all situations are unique, the concept of Little Write Brain was born. Little Write Brain is an interactive website that allows children to develop, publish and illustrate their own storybooks where they can become the main character. On the site, the child can choose a story, make a personalized character using the Story Builder from the many designs (can change hair color, clothes color, eyes and so forth so that it looks like the child or whoever they choose to tell the story about) and make this character come to life while designing each page of the book.

Each page can be customized through the Story Builder including placement and color of the text, addition of trees or flowers and more!! This allows the child to have complete control over the finished book!! They can dedicate the book to someone on the inside cover and even tell a little bit about the author on the author page! It's truly a unique experience!!!

What is great about Little Write Brain is that these story books can be created online for free. The child can make as many as they like and it will not cost anything. If the child decides to have a print copy of their creation, one can be purchased directly from the website and promptly shipped! This makes it a forever keepsake!!! The topics covered allow for many choices such as:

  • Christmas at My Home
  • A Camping Trip with My Friends
  • A Magical World for a Princess
  • Caring for the Environment
  • and many many more
Little Write Brain has already received two awards:
  • Families Online Magazine Award (for providing quality family/parenting content and web design)
  • Parent Test Parent Approved Media Award (PTPA)
The founder explains the concept: "Children feel empowered when they take pride in their individuality. We created Little Write Brain to help children express themselves through storytelling and art using an online format".

Our experience with the site was very positive. It was so easy to navigate throughout the site and each book comes with clear instructions on how many characters to build! It truly could not have been any easier. I loved that the story choices included scenarios for boys or girls and I especially loved the illustrations!! The characters turned out so cute and the colors very vivid!! The book generally takes 10 business days to make and can take up to seven business days to ship, so be prepared to order in plenty of time if this will be a gift that must be received by a certain date. Fair Warning: Your child will not settle for making one story. Be prepared to spend some time on this site as your child designs many books!! I highly recommend this site and give it my seal of approval!!!

Where to Purchase: Little Write Brain website

Discount Code: For $5.00 off your order, use the code "UNIQUE5" during checkout!!! Available to all readers of my blog until 3/11/11.

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THREE lucky readers will win their very own Little Write Brain book. Simply fill out the form below! 

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