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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Little Book of BIG Brain Games Book Review

Product: The Little Book of Big Brain Games
Author: Ivan Moscovich
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Category: Books, Children, Teens, Adults
Price: $9.95

Do you think you have excellent problem-solving skills? Do you find yourself to be the voice of logic and reason? Do you ever wish you could harness all your brain-solving abilities into an easy to carry along book? Well, now you can! Introducing--The Little Book of BIG Brain Games. This is the baby of the giant sized book titled The Big Book of Brain Games (but of course!), and includes over 500 full-color puzzles from the original book. This smaller format and a pocket-sized price makes it the solution to taking fun on the run!

The Little Book of BIG Brain Games is written by Ivan Moscovich, an internationally known inventor, puzzler and artist, and is designed to give your brain a serious workout! It is organized by difficulty level (one to ten) that assures you hours of brain-boosting tests of skill and knowledge! Are you up for the challenge??!

My experience: I would love to tell you that I have mastered every puzzle in this book, but of course, I am still attempting to master them all!! These puzzles do make you think and it is no wonder this book has been referred to as a "pocket gym". It truly gives your brain a work-out!  In the book is a variety of puzzles, such as:

  • Mental Games
  • Illusions
  • Visual Challenges
  • Logic puzzles
  • Riddles
  • and so much more!!!
It is one of those books I take along with me to doctor visits, restaurants, and recently on a short road trip, as it truly helps to pass the time!! I have a hard time putting it down once I get started, especially if I am able to solve a puzzle, as then I want to share it with everyone around me to see if they can solve it as well. It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment when a particular hard puzzle is figured out, and really gets my old brain working! It fits nicely into my purse without being in the way due to its compact size! I love that! I am certain that it will take me some time to complete all the puzzles in this book, and for the price, I really feel it is a book worth giving as a gift and receiving!! Great and highly recommend!!
"The most wide-ranging, visually appealing, entertaining collection of brainteasers"....says Will Shortz, editor of The New York Times crosswords. 
Where to Purchase: Workman's Publishing, Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles and other online and retail venues.


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