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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Montrail Feather Peak GTX Boot Review

Product: Montrail Footwear
Category: Women, Men
Price: $190.00 MSRP

I have the worst time purchasing shoes as I am one of those "half-sized", "wide-width", "pigeon-toed" kind of persons and I have come to despise the whole process of shoe shopping. But, I need shoes...so I don't have a choice but to venture out to buy a pair every now and then. Usually I purchase off the clearance aisle as I hate wasting money on shoes, but there are two types of shoes that I make sure to splurge on: hiking shoes and walking shoes. The walking shoes are what I wear when I am working on the floor as a nurse, and I will spend some high $$ for a good pair of walking shoes. The same with a good hiking boot or shoe; If I am going to be on my feet all day, I want to be without blisters or discomfort and have enough support to save my ankles from twisting. That is why I was so glad to discover the Montrail line of footwear.

Montrail not only offers hiking boots, but also running shoes, recovery shoes and insoles. In order to help you decide which shoe is best fit for your needs, it is important to figure out what you will be using them for and then see which shoe offers the best support for such needs. In my case, I needed a shoe that was good for hiking in conditions that are often muddy, slippery and wet! In Arkansas, every place is uphill and so I also needed a shoe that could support the rocky terrain and stress on my ankles. After talking with a Montrail representative, the boot that I ended up choosing was the Feather Peak GTX boot. This boot is the holy grail of hiking boots!!

First and foremost, it has a roomy toebox, meaning I didn't have to stress on getting a wide width as the extra space meant my toes did not rub against the shoe. Here are some of the specs on this shoe:

Features and Benefits:
  • Vibram® rubber compound with aggressive lug pattern for traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • Full length polyurethane midsole with TPU footbed and shank for superior support.
  • Nubuk with high-abrasion leather overlays and scratch leather toe cap for toe protection.
  • Quick pull features ball-bearing design for friction resistant lacing.
  • Details: 1 lb, 7 oz, 20 mm heel, 8 mm forefoot, Vibram Trek outsole, 

What is Vibram Trek: These soles provide an ideal mix of abrasion resistance, grip, and stability for your adventures. Tenacious grip on wet and dry surfaces inspires confidence on the trail and off. Super Trek's amazing durability will give you thousands of miles of enjoyment.
 --excerpt from the Montrail website

My experience: When I first put the boots on, the boots were stiff and tight and I wasn't used to the height of the boot. It rode the middle of my ankles and my foot was in shock...literally. I thought "this isn't going to work" and I was almost tempted to just take them off and put them back in the box, but I resisted. I decided to wear them around the house for a day or two before attempting to wear them on a hike. I am so glad I did!! When the boots loosened up a bit, I couldn't wait to wear them on a hike. The first opportunity I had for a hike involved taking the kids to a gulf that had hills and caves--it was more of a leisurely hike but one where I could spend time with the kiddos. I was LOVING these boots by the end of the hike. We spent about three hours going up and down hills and since it had recently rained, the hillsides were very hard to navigate. The ground was a little soft, making the hills somewhat slippery, but I was able to pull them quite well and the only time I fell was when I was helping my daughter make her way up one of the slipperiest of the hills. We had a lot of fun and were definitely worn out by the end!! The high ankle of the boot saved me several times and the feature I wasn't sure I'd love, was one of the best things about the boot!!

How do they hold up: I have really gave these boots a good workout, wearing them off and on over a period of months and they have held up great!! I was really worried they would stain, so did scotch guard protect them and they still look wonderful!! Highly recommend!

Where to Purchase: Store Locator


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