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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amazing Cows by Sandra Boynton Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

Product: Amazing Cows
Author: Sandra Boynton
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Category: Books, Children
Price: $10.95

Holy Cows! Cowabunga! Don't Have A Cow....or a Herd!! Just wanted to tell you about this exciting new book published by Workman Publishing!!! 

The new book, Amazing Cows, written by Sandra Boynton is now available!! 

Do you love cows? Those irresistible cows that come in all shapes and sizes....of which my favorite is the Belted Galloway. Well, if you do, you'd be in good company. My step-daughter loves cows so much that she often says "I Love Cows" randomly. She has cow purses, cow stuffed animals, cow keychains, etc and I wouldn't be surprised if she decorates her future home in a cow motif!

If you're unsure about your love for cows, you will absolutely fall in love with them after reading Sandra Boynton's new book about "Amazing Cows".  Here you will find two cow stories, three cow poems, eleven or so cow jokes, one cow myth, one cow comic book, hidden cows and much more!!! It's "UDDER ABSURDITY FOR CHILDREN" and adults!!

Each and every page is filled to the brim with brilliant illustrations, ridiculously funny photos, stories, jokes and more! The fun begins on the front cover and doesn't end until the very back cover!!

What is the book about? What's in it, who is it for?

Author response: AMAZING COWS is a book with lots of amazing cows in it. It's for people who like books with lots of amazing cows.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Author response: Now and then, I would write something and suddenly realize it had maybe some basis in reality. So then I had to carefully rework i until I was pretty certain that it was total nonsense. It takes vigilance and discipline.

There's a free download that comes with the book. But it seems to actually have nothing at all to do with cows. Can you explain this?

Author response: It's a full-length recording of Ravel's "Bolero," arranged for orchestra and kazoos. There is a limerick in AMAZING COWS that mentions this performance, and so I thought it only fair to make the recording available . I imagine it will change people's lives. Though not necessarily for the better. 

Sandra Boynton has gone out of her way to assure that you will find only fun and humor in her amazing book. I feel a bit deprived, as I had never read a book by this author in the past, and this was my first experience with her books. From the rumors I've heard, there are a few other books that include lots of pigs and chickens too!! My kids and I simply had a ball reading the short stories and those cow jokes have found their way around the dinner table a few times now! 

Lots of pictures, lots of cows and lots of fun! A definite MUST GET book! I think we read through most of the book in one sitting as the kids would turn the page and laugh and laugh that it was hard to put up!! It's a book designed for all ages! I don't know anyone who won't get a giggle reading this book!! So invite the family for a MOO-Vie night, find MOO-sic to sing (the book contains the song "It had to be Moo") and engage in some dancing and MOO-ving around!!! Have an UDDERLY fun time!

How many cows can you find?

Amazing Cows is full-color, 96 pages long, and packed with the kind of silly fun that young readers adore, especially when they can read it to themselves—and then read it to their parents, and then to their little brothers, and then to the family dog. Or the family cow.   ---excerpt from Workman Publishing

Where to Purchase: Workman Publishing website

Excerpted from AMAZING COWS by Sandra Boynton 
Copyright 2010 by Sandra Boynton
Used by permission of Workman Publishing Co., Inc. New York
All Rights Reserved

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