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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mummy Mazes- A Monumental Book by Elizabeth Carpenter Review

Product: Mummy Mazes
Author: Elizabeth Carpenter
Published by: Workman Publishing
Category: Books, Kids
Age Range: 9-12 years old
Price: $11.95

This is one book your kid (and you) won't be able to put down!! I wish I had one of these as a kid! Mummy Mazes is exactly what it claims to be....a Monumental Book. It is 28 pages that fold out to make poster size mazes that will keep your child busy for hours!!! It is beautifully written and drawn by Elizabeth Carpenter, and it contains complex designs with a Egyptian theme including such things as the Egyptian pyramids, pharaohs, and of course, mummies!!

What is great about this book is the level of interaction it provides. Not only is it a fantastic maze wonderland, but the pages are filled with interesting facts that will educate your child along the way!! Your child will join Professor Ologist on a quest to find the long lost tombs and will discover so much more! When all the mazes are completed, there is a hieroglyphic puzzle for your child to decipher, making the whole book a complete adventure. What's even better is that after the mazes are completed, the book can be started all over as a coloring book, giving your child a duo purpose book to help keep them entertained for a long time to come. When done coloring, the pages are perforated and ready to tear out to hang on the refrigerator or bedroom wall or to gift to grandma and grandpa!!

I loved this book on so many levels:

  • FUN
  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Big---each page is 12X17.5
  • Artistic
  • Entertaining
  • Award Winning!! Dr. Toy voted it the Best Vacation Book!
It really is such a great book and is recommended for those 9-12 years, as many of the puzzles are very challenging and may make a younger child frustrated. Great for home-schoolers! This won't be one of those books your child simply sets to the side, so I thought the asking price was very reasonable!! A+ and 5 Stars all the way!

Where to Purchase: Workman Publishing


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