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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quagmire ColorFusion Color-changing Shirts Review

Product: Quagmire ColorFusion Shirts
Category: Children, Teens, Adults
Price: Ranges from $25-$45

When I was a teen in the late 80s, a really cool line of shirts came on the market called Hyper Color. These shirts changed colors with your body heat and I remember that I just had to have one!! The shirt I had was a crop sweatshirt. The "Hyper Color" logo was printed across the front and it was so neat to place my hands on the shirt and see it change from an aqua blue-green to a lighter color (of which, I can't recall....maybe a lighter green). I loved my Hyper Color shirt....but it had one flaw. After a few washes, it stopped working as great and over time, it became a regular ole' sweatshirt. Well, now you can find the same color changing technology in a new line of shirts from Quagmire.

Quagmire has introduced their 2011 line of  ColorFusion kids shirts that range in size from 4T-14 with fantastic color combinations. These shirts became in such high demand that the fine people at Quagmire introduced the ColorFusion Kids Polo and Tees to the market three months earlier than originally planned and the rest of the Quagmire kids line, which will include tie-die tops and shorts, will be available by March! The future line of Quagmire shirts will change colors with body heat as well as with direct sunlight!! How neat is that! Best of all, the ColorFusion shirts will hold up wash after wash, without losing their color changing ability, unlike the Hyper Color shirts of the past!

When the shirts arrived, my kids had no idea what they did and I didn't let on. I let them try on the polo style shirts and it wasn't long before the color changing took affect. I put my hand on my son's shirt and pulled it away and he looked down and said "mom, what's on your hands? You just stained my new shirt". Okay, so maybe I should have told him about their color-changing ability first, but it was just too fun! After I "stained" both their shirts, they started touching them and finally asked "what is with this shirt". It is then I explained how the ColorFusion shirts were supposed to change colors! They had a blast after that, putting their hands on their shirt and watching as they pulled away and their hand-print remained!!

The ColorFusion shirts change colors as follows:

BLUE changes into WHITE
ORANGE changes into YELLOW
PURPLE changes to PINK
GREEN changes to YELLOW

Quagmire offers more than just their ColorFusion shirts. They also carry the Gud N' Dri shirts that are moisture-wicking, antibacterial, UV-protective, anti-static and wrinkle-free. The Gud N' Dri shirts do not change colors, but they are fantastic for those that want a sporty shirt with added protection!

If you have a little rocker, or a skater or an artistic kid in your life, then do them a favor, and get them one of these cool shirts!! You know you want to! Your kids will love you for it!

Where to Purchase: Quagmire Golf website


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