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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Games Bible Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

Product: The Games Bible

Author: Leigh Anderson
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Category: Books, Adults
Price: $15.95

My family loves games....board games, dice games, card games. We even play dinner games like "20 Questions" and "I Spy" while eating our nightly meals together! But, as much as we love games, there is one thing I dislike about them and that is how much space it takes up to store all those games! In our old house, we had a dedicated "game closet" but since we moved, we have not designated such a space. The end result is that our games are scattered here and there, and it doesn't take long for the pieces to end up missing. Have you ever stepped on a Monopoly hotel in the middle of the night? It isn't a pleasant experience, that's for certain! That is what drew me to Leigh Anderson's book, The Games Bible

This wonderful book has over 300 games that are sure to put the fun into any occasion! The games are adaptable for one, two or more people, on up to the whole neighborhood! It's easy to navigate as well, as the Contents section lists each game by name according to chapters. The index gives quick and easy reference for the games you might search for and if that weren't enough, it also includes a Zagat like index as well, which allows you to look up the games in the index according to type and category, such as Athletic Games, Cocktail Party Games, Family Games, Games for the Waiting Room and so forth. This allows you to plan a game night or a spur of the moment game in no time!

Although The Games Bible has some family friendly games such as Sharks and Minnows, Jinx, Charades and more, it is not designed to be a book of games solely for children. Inside, there are many games designed for adults which are meant to break the ice and help liven up a party! In the front of the book there is an "Icons" page that explains how each game is intended, so that you will know what to expect from each game. For example:
  • For super game geeks, there is a pair of glasses depicted beneath the game
  • A pair of lips icon means that the game is potentially naughty
  • A cocktail glass means that the game is even more fun after a few drinks
  • The family icon lets you know that the game is good to play with adults and children alike!
  • For a noncompetitive game, look for the peace symbol
  • and so on!!
Just remember, the book covers the gamut from children on up to adults and some of the titles and games may be inappropriate for children to play or read. Therefore, I do recommend that an adult help the children pick out the games in the appropriate categories so that the children do not learn games which are not suited for their age group.

One game that you can find in The Game Bible is Family Jeopardy:
"Family Jeopard requires you to make 5 categories--family vacations, memorable holidays, school days, etc .Just like the game show, you should pose an answer to your family: "This person was Jeff's first girlfriend at summer camp" and someone responds with the right question: "Who is Linda?" Write both answer and question on the index card. The person with the correct question gets to read the next answer off a new index card. The winner is the person with the most index cards at the end of the game.   ---excerpt from Workman Publishing and The Games Bible
What I really liked about The Games Bible is that the game cards, score cards and game pieces for some of the games are located in the Appendix and can be photocopied for multiple use. No need to create your own!! When other items may be needed to complete a game, it is clearly defined. Anderson has designed the book for ease of use and it is definitely organized to the fullest!

Author, Leigh Anderson, is a game expert and writer/reporter who researched each and every game in the book, as well as consulted with top game inventors in the process of writing her book to assure you the best gaming experience ever!

Let the fun begin!!!

Where to Purchase: Workman Publishing

Win it!
One winner will win a copy of "The Games Bible" by Leigh Anderson. Simply leave a comment below telling me what your favorite family friendly game is!! Be certain to leave your email address or have it available in your profile so that I have a way to contact you or your enter will be invalid. Winners chosen by a randomizer and will have five business days to respond to winning email or another winner will be chosen.

Good Luck!

Giveaway open to United States residents, 18 years of age or older, void where prohibited by law. Ends at midnight, central time on January 5, 2010.

Congratulations to Larry H!!!! You have won your own copy of THE GAMES BIBLE!!! 


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