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Saturday, December 4, 2010

iSafe Security Enabled Backpack Review

Product: iSafe Backpack
Developed by: Inventive Concepts International
Category: Children, Teens, Adults
Age Range: 8 years and up
Price: $59.99-99.99

There has been so many headlines that tell the story of children being bullied (sometimes to death) by classmates, or college students being attacked on campus...or people being lost while hiking, etc. These headlines are scary and these situations can happen to anyone. When we send our child out to school each day, we are taking a chance toward their safety, but we cannot be with them every minute of the day. What do we do, besides pray, to assure their safety?

Introducing iSafe backpacks and bags--the first personal security alarm that your child wears! This is not the typical alarm system, but one that is integrated into their backpack where it is not noticeable to others, but available to your child if he/she so needs it!  The backpacks come in many sizes and styles, so it can be used for young children from the age of eight - on up to the college student or professional. Safety is important and although we cannot predict something bad happening, we can be prepared.

The iSafe line of products is the first of its kind that includes a mobile, personal alarm system built in. The battery powered alarm uses two 9-volt batteries that are replaceable. Activating the alarm is simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Lift flap that conceals the alarm
  2. Pull activation cord
  3. Re-insert pin to deactivate
When the alarm is activated, two alarms sound on either side of the backpack and the strobe lights on the front of the backpack are activated as well. The alarm is able to run for two hours at a time (if batteries are new), making it the ideal bag to use when going on hunting, hiking or backpacking trips. If you were to become lost, simply activate your alarm so that search teams could find you. 

Here is a video demonstrating the bag in action:

The great thing about the iSafe bags, is that they are comparable in cost to other high end backpacks and when the bag becomes worn from use, instead of having to pay for the alarm again, the company will offer a replacement policy that enables you to purchase a new bag (any style and color) for a fraction of the original cost. All it takes is a taking the old alarm out and putting it into the new bag that is already wired. The backpack is water resistant but is not intended to be submerged in water.

Our experience: I received the pink school bag for the purpose of this review. It is made with 840 ripstop durable nylon. The bag has several different compartments for holding school supplies, electronics and more. Although the bag I received was not designed to hold a laptop, a smaller laptop would fit in it and still allow room for some books. I like that it has two mesh pockets on the sides which is great for carrying drinks or a water bottle. The school backpack is a good size, enough to carry all of your child's books and more! It is lightweight and for the most part does what it should....carry things! However, as a parent I have the added piece of mind that my child has an alarm that can be pulled in any situation where he feels threatened. I explained to my child that the backpack alarm is NOT a toy and under no circumstance should it pulled "just for fun".  I was extremely satisfied with the iSafe backpack and highly recommend it!

Where to Buy: iSafe website


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