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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lift Audio Icon Series 6mm Headphones Review

Product: Lift Audio Icon Series 6mm Headphones
Category: Teens, Adults
Price: $29.99

I cannot do traditional ear buds, you know the one with the flattened end that is suppose to fit into your ear opening and STAY. They never stay. One quick move of the head and out they go. So frustrating! Even when I find the kind that go further into your ear canal, they usually work there way right back out again. For this reason, I have depended on the old fashion headphones that fit like an 80s ear muff. If this doesn't give me away as an "oldie", I don't know what will!! How can you look cool with those big headphones!! I am beginning to think it may just be me though, as even when I wear my stethoscope, it feels as though I can't get them to go into my ears far enough to feel secure! I have switched out the ear pieces several times to "smaller" sizes, but I am still not happy with how they fit.

Along comes the Lift Audio Icon Series 6 mm headphones. Yes, I did say 6 mm. This little guys are unlike any headphone I have ever felt...yes, felt! Let me tell you, I am not one to spend $30 on a pair of headphones. Not ever. I am the kind that goes to the dollar store and picks up a $4 pair of headphones and then complains that I can't hear that well from them. As my daughter would say ....DUH. You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. So, what do you get for $30 with Lift Audio? Well, you don't get distortion, or interference...you get quality sound, and that's no joke.

The 6mm driver is smaller then a dime!! It fits into your ear like a glove and the silicone fittings assures that the elongated ear phone will slide nicely into your ear canal, blocking out any ambient noise.

Right now, I have them in my ears, listening to my favorite artist, Serena Matthews. Her voice is amazing and these headphones truly deliver some great sound!! You know what it feels like when you have your favorite music in your ears and the sound is good...sweet bliss! That feeling like it's just you and the music--that's the quality these headphones deliver!

When you receive these headphones, there will be three sets of fitting: Small, Medium and Large. This assures that you will have that custom fit!  The wire is encased behind a nylon cord, making them smooth and flexible and more resistant to movement and breakage.
From the manufacturer: 
The new standard in driver technology: a magnesium-enriched dynamic driver is precisely molded to compliment the music while a powerful strontium rare earth magnet delivers deep yet balanced bass level     
         Unique soundstage: emphasizes crisp highs, a smooth mid-range, and rich bass across a full spectrum

             Noise-isolating technology: passive noise isolation reduces ambient noise without introducing artificial sounds
             into your music

So is it worth the money? That's what you really want to know. Do these headphones deliver $30 worth of sound? I would say that based on the comfort, fit and quality of the music, that YES indeed, they are worth the asking price!! I think these would be great for anyone who carries an iPod, mp3 player or listens to music on their laptop. My laptop has crappy sound, so I have to use headphones, and these have faired the best ever and I have tried several!!  I even dared to turn the volume all the way up and I don't highly recommend doing that...lol, as these will blow out your eardrums.  The headphones come with a handy dandy carrying case as well with a carabiner clip to assure you don't lose them! 

I'm hyped over these earphones and can't say enough about them.  Now if they would just make similar fittings to go on the end of my stethoscope, I might be able to actually hear those heart tones!

Where to Purchase: Amazon.com


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