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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jane Fonda's WORKOUT review

Product: Jane Fonda's Workout
Category: Health & Fitness
Price: $9.99-$14.99

Ready for a workout? Want to shed some pound and get in shape? Not a problem with the Jane Fonda Workout series!

30 years after the original launch of Jane Fonda's bestselling fitness book and award-winning workout video, Jane Fonda has teamed up with GoFit to relaunch Jane Fonda's WORKOUT.  Each workout is led by a new generation of expert trainers handpicked by Jane Fonda herself.

"I originally created WORKOUT thirty years ago, and I am excited to bring it to the next generation. What I started then, can now be continued by the best of today's rising fitness stars. My hope is that through these new faces, handpicked by me for their individuality and unique styles, I can continue to make the pursuit of fitness relevant for years to come" --Jane Fonda

Let me stress up front that I am totally out-of-shape. It was no wonder that when I first started these workouts that the warm-up was near all I could make it through without being completely out of air. I started with the DVD  that I felt would be more my pace--Daily Yoga.

Daily Yoga is led by Tara Stiles, and supplies approximately 60 minutes of invigorating yoga into your daily life. It allows you to learn how to do authentic yoga stretches and reaches that will improve your balance, flexibility, strength and help to reduce your stress.

Even though Tara makes yoga accessible to everyone, it is still quite a challenge if you haven't ever done yoga and I can promise you that you will work muscles that you didn't even know you had. The pace is good and Tara explains thoroughly how to do the moves. However, as the workout continues, the pace gets faster and the moves a little more difficult. Even under Tara's guiding voice, it often became difficult to keep up! I have done a little bit of yoga, but not enough to feel comfortable with some of the poses, but it does get easier with repetition. If it gets too hard, just tone it down to a level that you feel comfortable. Surprisingly, after a few weeks of doing this one, I looked forward to it!

The next video in the series is Sculpt + Tone. It is led by Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson. It is a little over 45 minutes long, but is very challenging! It is described as a "high energy, cardio and strength training routine, guaranteed to scorch thigh, bums, waistlines and upper bodies! Super challenging, and so much fun!"

Trust that guarantee! It's definitely a workout that will make you sweat! When I first started this I thought I was going to D.I.E. Karena and Katrina are fit and they make the moves look easy, but they kicked my butt. The routines are varied and include weights and circuit training that you will most likely have already done as some point in your life. They aren't difficult moves, but they are repetitive which really gives your body a great workout! Like the other workout, just do as many as you can and when it becomes too difficult, simply tone it down to the level you are comfortable.

The last video I was sent to review was the Ultra Bootcamp led by Jeanette Jenkins. This workout is over an hour long, but if I am being honest, I haven't made it through to the end. It's a riveting and high energy cardio workout. It leaves no muscle un-worked and will certainly get your heart pumping. It's full of stretches and kicks and at a fast pace that will help you to get that aerobic exercise needed to help you lose those extra pounds!

The GoFit line includes a multitude of Jane Fonda products from the WORKOUT dvds to stretch bands, sliders, stability balls, hoops and mats.

Where to Purchase: GoFit.com, and Target


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