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Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool Off Towelettes Review and GIVEAWAY

Product: Cool Off Personal Cooling Towelette
Category: Health and Fitness
Price: $14.99 for 24 count

Have you ever been outside attempting to enjoy the nice day, but quickly become overheated? Do you participate in physical exercise that often leaves you feeling sweaty and hot? Do you have hot flashes or fainting spells? Then, let me introduce you to a product called Cool Off.

Cool Off is the mastermind of five individuals who wanted a product that could cool them off quickly. They did much research, determining the right blend of ingredients to use and figuring the easiest method for application. What they came up with was a product that contained cooling herbs, botanicals and essential oils. It was not sticky nor smelly and provide instant relief from the heat while delivering a cool blast of energy while at the same time, smoothing and moisturizing your skin. It is derived from the following ingredients:

  • witch hazel
  • denatured alcohol
  • glycerin
  • aloe vera
  • arnica
  • seaweed extracts
  • chamomile flower extract
  • lemon peel extract
  • red clover
  • st. john's wart extract
  • oat kernel extract
  • flaxseed
  • fennel
  • wild yam
  • tea tree oil
  • black cohosh
  • white tea leaf
  • parabens
If you would like more information on how these ingredients work, please visit here.  These blend of herbs oils provide relief from the heat at home, work and play! It comes in a convenient disposable single use package.
To use, simply tear packet open, remove towelette and give a quick shack. It unfolds much like a moist towelette from a restaurant would, and the concept is much the same. Simply press the towelette on the back side of your neck, arms, back, knees, etc and hold against the skin until the ingredients take affect. You can blot your forehead and cheeks too if you feel the need, but do not get near your eyes or personal areas, as it cause an uncomfortable burning sensation. Soon after, your skin will have a cool, tingly sensation and you will feel the cooling affect of the ingredients. This cooling affect will last about 30 minutes and then will slowly fade. To reactivate the cooling sensation, just splash your skin with water in the same places you previously blotted the towelette. The cooling affect will then return for a short while. 

My experiences: It was my idea to try this product as my husband works outdoors in one of his many jobs and is constantly under the glare of the sun. He used the Cool Off Towelettes and reported back to me that it did indeed cool his skin. He had been working out in the heat of the day (a few months back) and applied Cool Off to the back of his neck and forehead. It worked fast and he did feel that it gave him some relief. However, he did give a word of caution that I feel is important to share. He was sweating as well, and so after he applied the Cool Off to his forehead, the sweat made the Cool Off ingredients travel on his skin, until they were eventually getting into his eyes. So, on really hot sweaty occasions, it might be best to ignore the forehead region.  As for me, I use the Cool Off Towelettes when I am at the fitness center. I always start off wearing a work out jacket and pants, but soon after the warm up, I start to feel hot. It is then that I apply the Cool Off. It helps me to feel cool for another thirty minutes at least, and it makes working out more comfortable! I like how it isn't so overbearing, but a gentle tingle, so it doesn't feel like I am on fire! I will be packing these with us this summer for our camping trips and when we participate in outdoor activities. 

Where to Buy: Amazon.com, CVS.com

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One lucky reader will win a 12-Count box of Cool Off for themselves!!! Simply fill out the form below to be entered. Must be aged 18 years or older and be a U.S. resident to win. Void where prohibited by law.

Giveaway ends on February 25, 2011 at midnight central time

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