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Saturday, February 26, 2011

PhitGrips Review and Giveaway

Product: PhitGrips
Category: Health and Fitness
Price: $9.99 per pair

"PhitGrip was invented by a gymaholic germaphobe. Sick and tired of getting sick (and then tired) from frequent gym visits our plucky entrepreneur decided to do something about it."  --excerpt from PhitGrips website.

This semester at college, I had to fulfill my physical education credits. One of the classes I am taking is more of a sit down kind of class that teaches health and nutrition, but the other is a basic physical fitness course where I actually have access to a gym with treadmills, weights and other gym equipment. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try PhitGrips, which are designed to create a barrier between you and the millions of germs commonly found on gym weights and workout equipment.

PhitGrips are made with liquefied rubber that has been injected with oxygen, which creates a very light and cushioned feel. The logo printed on the PhitGrips is infused with an antimicrobial agent that helps inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria. To use, simply rub your hands together occasionally to spread the microbial agent over the entire surface of the palm. When the logo wears off, it's time for new PhitGrips.

Germs are everywhere and they are mostly spread by contact and are often left behind on objects that people share with other people. This means the risk of contaminating yourself is high, especially in humid gyms and sweaty palms.

"In Good Morning America's tests, microbiologist Dr. Philip Teirno found the most germs are on equipment used by "multiple people in quick sequence, such as dumbbells". Germs found in the doctor's tests included staph aureus, klebsiella, enterobacter and E. coli, which can cause various ailments."

PhitGrips fit snuggly around dumbbell bars, handrails and other type workout equipment. When I first go to the gym, I start my warm-up by walking on the treadmill, and these grips fit nicely around the hand grips, although the heart rate could not be read when using the PhitGrips (not a big deal to me as I stop and take it manually throughout my workout anyhow). I also used them when lifting weights and using other circuit type exercise equipment. They go off and on very quickly, as one side is open, which allows you to simply slap them on and go. With some of the circuit equipment, the grips were wider than the equipment bars, but it didn't seem to matter as my hands held them in place nicely. I am not a power lifter, but even with the light use, I loved how the PhitGrips prevented my hands from callouses from the dumbbells. No need for gloves! I like that they are lightweight and flexible, so I could easily slip them into my pockets until needed.

PhitGrips are just one tool to utilize in the gym to reduce the risk of contracting harmful bacteria. Other ways of reducing your risks is to bring workout clothes to change into and a special pair of shoes specifically for gym wear. Clean these off and disinfect before packing into your gym bag to take home. Shoes from the street will bring in whatever germs you have picked up wherever you have been in them. Bring your own towels. A hand towel is perfect for wiping sweat from your body. Use footwear in the shower and always bring your own hand sanitizer for places where you can't use your PhitGrips.

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One winner will win a pair of PhitGrips for their own! Simply fill the form out below to be entered! Giveaway open to United States residents aged 18 years or older. Void where prohibited by law. Winner will be selected using random.org and will have five business days to respond to winning email before win will be forfeited and a new winner chosen. For complete rules and regulations, disclaimer and disclosure, please visit the "legal" page.

Prize: One pair of PhitGrips
Contest ends: March 15, 2011, Midnight central standard time


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