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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get Energy! by Denise Austin Review and Giveaway

Product: Get Energy!
Author: Denise Austin
Category: Health and Fitness
Price: $16.99

"With busy schedules, demanding careers, and little time, many of us battle just to stay awake. But energy is something that is in our control, even when time is short. Now fifty years young, fitness guru Denise Austin shows you how to super-charge your life using her innovative lifestyle plan. Eating the right foods at the right time of day, harnessing the power of stretching and breathing to feed your body with energy-enhancing oxygen, and participating in mini workouts all help to increase energy even on your busiest days." --excerpt taken from back cover. 

When thinking about gaining energy, most of us probably think in terms of physical energy. Denise Austin address how to gain physical energy, as well as mental energy and emotional energy, in her new book, Get Energy! The book is divided into three sections:

Part one: Energy 101 
Part Two: Energy Prescriptions
Part Three: High-Energy Living

In part one, there is a checklist to help you determine what is zapping your energy. You simply check the statements that apply to you. There are five different sections that cover lifestyle habits, state of mind relationships job and personal time and sense of purpose. For an example: Section A, I checked the following:
  • I skip breakfast most of the time, or have only coffee before noon. 
  • I typically eat only one large meal a day, usually dinner.
  • I cut back on sleep at night to do housework or meet other personal or job-related obligations
  • and so forth...
At the end, you simply tally your check marks in each section to see what part of your life is causing you the most energy drain. 

In section two, Denise shows some simple stretching that can help you to start your day. Don't worry, these are simple exercises that are meant to get your blood flowing. She emphasizes proper posture, and explains how your diet affects your energy level, as well as the importance of a good night's sleep (my main problem being a chronic night owl).  My favorite chapter in this section is Chapter 5: Change Your Outlook, Recharge Your Life. In this chapter, Denise encourages you to laugh!!! She talks about the power of positive thinking  and how helping others can give emotional energy!  She gives some tips for an "attitude makeover" and plenty of ideas on how to reduce the stressors in your life. She has great insight and when reading this with an open-mind, it is easy to see areas in your life that you can change so that you are not overloading yourself with stress. She gives a formula for a balanced life:

B - Be flexible
A - Accept a less-than-tidy house
L - Learn to manage your time
A - Ask for help
N - NO! (just say it, it's okay)
C - carve out family and "me" time
E - Enjoy life!

In part three, you develop a personal energy plan worksheet. It's purpose is to help you to consider your habits, schedule and gives you the tools to devise a 14 day pep plan. It includes many checklists and words of wisdom to help you through your day with more energy, including a 20 minute workout illustrated with photos of proper technique.

I would not read this book as an exercise book, but more as a tool toward developing an understanding about how you can reduce the stress in your life and make your life easier so that you are more physically, mentally and emotionally able to handle the stressors of life. It is a great little self-help book and you will find that once you start reading it, it is hard to put down. Not all the information will be new to you. Some of it will be common sense, but some of the ideas presented will allow you to think outside the box a little. I would think of it as a feel-good book, because by the time you finish it, it leaves you motivated to make some changes in your life. 

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