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Friday, February 11, 2011

Be Forewarned-

I am letting you know ahead of time, that over the course of the next few days, I will be catching up on a lot of posts, reviews and giveaways! I am currently running about two and a half weeks behind schedule, so don't be alarmed when you see several postings on the same day from here!

Just what excuse do I have to get behind...well, like everyone else, life just happens!

1st: It snowed!!! It finally snowed! I hope to get out tomorrow and take some wonderful pics to show off the beautiful, glitter playground the two days of snow have left behind! In Northern Arkansas, this snow thing is not as common as growing up in Iowa, so it caused quite the commotion. School was canceled for several days. A few days canceled because there was a "threat" of snow, a few days because there was a "dusting" of snow and now, it is canceled because we have a few inches of snow! The kids have cabin fever, and unfortunately, are using up days that would have been allocated for their spring break come March. Not now. Also, because of the snow, my college was closed as well, but the professors made up for that by uploading a magnitude of assignments to do over the internet, hence my time...all spent with my nose buried in a book.

2nd: My computer woes continue. If you all knew exactly the sad relationship I have with my computers, you would understand my pain. I had purchased a Toshiba slightly over a year ago. Straight away it started having problems. The power supply connector broke off into the computer. I immediately called customer support who informed me that it was under warranty and that I would have to ship it in for repair. I was in the middle of a college semester where all my courses were online, so no chance of that happening. Instead, I revived my old Alienware laptop that was in need of a new fan and graphics card. It worked as long as I put a box fan under it (what sort of mental picture does that conjure)! For the Toshiba, I waited until summer break, but by then it was out of warranty. My husband and I decided to fix it ourselves. We did manage to find a new power supply harness on Ebay and with a little finagling we managed to power up! Yah! I used it for a short time, when "poof"...the new harness breaks as well. I ordered another X 3, until eventually, the constant fixing caused the lid to no longer close properly. I went back to using the Alienware, freezing myself in the process of keeping it cooled, until one day, the graphics totally went out and left me with pink and blue squiggly lines all over, making it impossible to see a thing. Ugh. I was desperate to get my Toshiba working again then, as I still had classes, so my husband took an old harness (one of the previously broken ones) to Radio Shack. He managed to find a metal connector and had it saudered to the harness. We installed it, but it was too thick to fit in the now broken area where the lid should fold down. In order to make it fit, I had to remove one speaker from inside the computer. It worked, but now my Toshiba looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You can't close it at all, one speaker is hanging on the outside and the volume, and all the special buttons at the top, no longer work NOR does the touch pad. It's so very pitiful!

So, with all that stated, it is the reason I am so far behind and the reasons I will be working like a mad dog to get caught up!

Be sure to check in for lots of reviews and giveaways over the next few days!!



Glad you're able to get back on track. Happy weekend! :O)

Happy Weekend to you as well Diane! Keep smiling!

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