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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ortholite Fusion Insoles Review

Product: Ortholite Fusion Insoles
Category: Health and Fitness
Price: $19.99

Sometimes, slipping on a new pair of shoes is like slipping your feet into a portable cloud!! Ever get that feeling?! It's usually because a new shoe gives your foot a new insole to rest upon, creating an immediate improvement over your old shoes! Sure, there are after-market insoles that you can put in your shoes, but not all insoles are the same. Not all insoles offer you moisture management, anti-microbial agents, long term cushioning or breath-ability, but the new Ortholite Fushion insoles do just that and so much more!  I call them new, but these insoles have been on the market for some time, hiding out in some of your favorite brand shoes such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Timberland, Fila, Prada, Puma and many more. It is simply the first time that these insoles have been available to the general public as a separate entity from your favorite shoe! Now you can make any brand of shoe as comfortable as some of the more popular brands seen on the market!!

My greatest downfall with shoes is that I hate to wear socks. I know...how disgusting right? I agree with you! Trust me, no one wants to be near me when I take my shoes off in the summer time. Yes, it's that bad. I hate throwing away my shoes simply because they get that funky odor to them, so  I try to mask it with foot powders. Yep, you guessed it...just makes it smell like smelly feet and powder. I decided to try the Ortho Lite Fushion insoles in one of my most comfortable walking shoes. I tore out that old stinky insole and measured it against the OrthoLite insole. I had ordered a size 8 for myself, and I didn't even have to trim at all. Perfect fit. I was a bit hesitant about wearing the insoles. I've used insoles in the past that have done nothing but make my feet sweat even more, but the OrthoLite insoles use a moisture managment system that helps to keep moisture away from the foot, due to the open cell structure design. Any moisture dries up fast as the airflow through the open cell network is much greater than any insoles I've used in the past. Best of all, even if the Ortholite did cause some sweating, all I have to do is take them out, toss them in the wash, and viola, good as new!! Plus, the EPA/FDA approved anti-microbial formulation helps to fight fungus, bacteria and odor!

My husband ordered a pair for himself as well. He uses big heavy work boots all day long, and his feet are often wet. His old insoles had to be rolled out as they had gotten so thin, it was hard to grab hold. He loves his Ortholite insoles. Not only do they provide him the extra cushioning, but the Ortholite insoles have a spring-back technology that helps them to retain over 95% of their thickness over time, meaning they won't flatten out like his old insoles did!

Overall, we were both very pleased with the Ortholite Fushion Insoles and I will be purchasing several of these to replace the insoles in my daughter's shoes. She is pigeon-toed, like her mother, so she wears down her insoles quickly on one side. My hope is that these will help to keep her shoe from forming so much to the inward turn of her foot, and provide her more support until she is able to train her feet to the proper position. She wears the same size shoe as me, so I feel confident that this will at least make her shoes fit more comfortable.

Important Facts: These insoles are not made to go over existing insoles, but are instead made to replace existing insoles, so be certain that you can remove the insoles for the shoes you intend to use the Ortholite insoles in.

Giving Back: I love companies that give back to the community. For every pair of Fushion Insoles purchased, Ortholite will donate $1 to the Level Field Fund, a grant-giving program that strives to bridge gaps in funding to uniquely talented atheletes.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

Discount: Save $5.00 on a pair of Fusion insoles when you order from Amazon.com. Simply use the code


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