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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Salvation Army Thrift Store: Going Uptown!

Retail marketing is so over-rated! Let's take a look at my recent finds at The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Did you know that The Salvation Army Thrift Store has their own line of furniture:

Love the colors and pattern in this couch--seriously I do!
 Their own line of household appliances:

My mom's old coffee pot looked a lot like this.
 Beauty Supplies:

Sunquest Tanning Bed-just what I need!
 Salon Care:
The fancy pedicure chair-with vibration and massage

Exercise Equipment:
Nothing but the best-BOWFLEX Baby!

Gold's Gym branded
Might be the only way I can afford an Apple
 Television and Home Electronics:

I suppose these would be considered "vintage" now that we have flat screen

Why pay retail when the same great things are offered at a thrift store near you!!!  



LOL! Looks a lot nicer and upscale compared to our local Salvation Army...

Cool. Could you post these to our new Tumblr site highlighting great SA Thrift Store finds? It is new, so your content could help us out a lot.


The Salvation Army


While we were vacationing in Maine in August, I scored three amazing finds in the thrift store: an almost brand new L.L.Bean sweater, a pair of Ralph Lauren capris and a no-name shirt worn soft and smooth by many washings that fit perfectly and was my exact style. The best part was they were all so inexpensive I couldn't wait to give over the money before they changed the price. :)

I love thrift stores. You can also find many books in thrift stores if you spend the time to look.

I agree Penny! I especially love to find cookbooks at thrift stores as they are usually in great shape and only a few dollars!

I love to shop thrift stores. Our local Goodwill has an amazing selection of clothes. IF only they had the housewares that your shop does!

Have a great weekend! Hope you'll come visit and follow me too :) http://www.trying2staycalm.com/

Have a good weekend
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