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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Power Sox EZ Match Socks Review

Big feet do not run in my family. Big ears do...but not big feet. I am a size 8 Wide...or maybe a 9 depending on the style. I don't consider that too large, but about average. So, why is my daughter already wearing a size 8 Wide shoe too? She's only eleven! I'm certain her feet will keep growing...eventually, but my goodness, what size will she be at by then?  Okay, so she has big feet. I try not to make an issue of it, but there is one problem with this scenario. My shoes fit her feet. Some of you are probably thinking that this is a good thing...buy one pair of shoes that we both love--less money spent. WRONG. Her feet are like mine in another aspect. She is pigeon toed. But, her pigeon toed curve is more prominent then mine, and so after her feet have been in my shoes...I can't wear them again. It's her sneaky way of stealing my shoes.

But she doesn't stop at shoes. She tries to steal my socks too!! When we sort socks, she grabs up all the ankle socks and shoves them in her drawer. Some of them are mine!!! Try telling her that...she will defend the socks, stand over them and guard them, and I have to wait until she is at school to raid her sock drawer to take back the socks that are rightfully mine!! It's a game we play, but some days, a girl just needs a pair of socks without having to go a'searchin!

Along comes Power Sox EZ Match Socks. They are designed with gold rings around the toes. Each gold ring represents a size. If there is one gold ring, it is size small, two gold rings is size medium and three gold rings is size large. This makes it easy sorting! Simply find the socks with the matching rings and viola...a pair of matched socks!! This comes in handy for two reasons. One reason is that my son also wears ankle socks, and when his are the same color as ours, it takes a little matching side by side to see which socks are his, or hers, or mine. This eliminates that problem in its entirety. He normally wears a medium, and therefore I just find the socks with two gold rings around the toes and I can tell his from the rest of the pile. The second reason this comes in handy, is now I have a way of differentiating my socks from my daughter's socks, even though we wear the same size. No longer can she claim my socks hers, as hers will have the gold rings around the bottom and mine will not!! This way...I always win and my sock drawer stays full!

The Power Sox EZ Match Socks come in Unisex, Men, Women and Kid's sizes and in a variety of styles from performance socks and team socks for athletics to the basic socks for everyday wear. They also come in a variety of lengths and colors to fit your needs.

The Good: I like the fact that the socks are made of good quality. They are thick and not like what I find in packages at my local supercenter. I can see them wearing these for quite some time. The Gold Ring does make it easier to match and takes the chore out of matching socks (not a favorite in our house....in fact we've graduated into two "sock bags" as no one wants to match them). The website provides a sizing chart for the best fit, and the socks are made with flat toe seams, arc brace for support, strike zone cushion padding for shock absorption and AquaFX moisture management for dryness protection plus contoured Y heel to keep the sock in place (from website). They are easy to wash-simply turn inside out and tumble dry on low.

The Bad: Although they do come with the flat toe seams, my son still had problems with the seam being too bulky. He does not like the feel of certain fabric on his skin, and these socks do cause him a little discomfort. He has worn them, and made it through the day, but on some mornings, it is too much for him to bear and we shed the socks to find some without seams. This is not going to be a problem with most people, but if you have a child that does have this sort of texture aversion, then I suggest testing a pair on your child before replacing your current brand.

Where to Buy: Power Sox EZ Match Socks can be purchased directly from the website for 3/$5.99 which I find to be a great bargain!!

FTC Guidelines require that I disclose that I received 2/pkgs containing 3 pairs of Power Sox EZ Match Socks for the purpose of this review free of charge. No monentary compensation was received. The opinions expressed herein are my own, honest opinions. Other opinions may vary. Thank you to Power Sox EZ Match Socks for supplying the product for this review. 



I have these for my daughters... they like the fit and designs. I like how easy it is to know which socks belong to which girl! Why didn't they think of this before?! ;)

I just envisioned your daughter guarding the socks and you having to raid her drawers later and busted out laughing.

Awesome review - These sound like the perfect socks for our family - and the price is reasonable too!

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