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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Me] & Goji Cereal Review

Hazel's Headache Healer
flaxed and flaked flakes
spelt flakes
quinoa flakes
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
pine nuts

  1. Go to www.meandgoji.com
  2. Mix the perfect blend
  3. Name your cereal and design the container
  4. ORDER and wait....impatiently, until it comes in the mail a few days later! 
  5. Eat and Enjoy! 
That's how easy it is to create your own custom blend cereal at [me] & goji.com where you decide the ingredients from over 60 different all natural and organic ingredients! 

What sort of ingredients are available? When you create your custom blend cereal from [me] & goji, you start by choosing a base. They offer many different flakes, oats, muesli, and wheat blends. From there you enhance the base with such things as cacao nibs, nutmeg, spelt and many more. Now comes the fun part: Add dried fruit (goji, cherry, strawberry, banana, acai powder, etc); Add nuts and seeds (pumpkin, almond, sunflower, pistachio, soy, pecans, pine, etc) and then name your creation and upload a photo if you desire! 

The Results: A natural cereal blend that is packed with health-enhancing, energy-boosting, nutrient full whole foods that will dance on your taste buds and leave you craving for more! You might think I'm exaggerating, but here is the proof:

Alexander, Adam and Carl (founders of meandgoji.com cereal blends) do not skimp on contents. From the very first bowl until the very last, you can be assured that you will be getting a spoonful of pure goodness in every bite! What is unique about [me] & goji cereal is that it remains fresh due to its original packaging. Instead of standard boxed cereals that lose freshness shortly after opening, [me] & goji cereals arrive in a cereal capsule! The capsule is 100% recyclable and maintains freshness as it closely tightly so that air does not get in. Even after a couple of weeks, the cereal was just as fresh as the first day I opened the seal. There is nothing worse (okay, maybe there is something worse, but you get the idea) of biting into stale cereal. Ewww. No more! With [me] & goji, you can be confident that nothing goes to waste as it stays fresh until it's gone (which, if you don't hide it specifically for yourself, won't take very long for it to disappear). 

Why am I so excited about [me] & goji? Let's see some of my reasons:
  • [me] & goji gives 5% of profits to charity
  • 100% all natural and organic ingredients
  • 100% recyclable cereal containers 
  • 100% Post Consumer Waste Shipping boxes
  • Inks to label the boxes use Vegetable Ink (where possible)
  • No trees are damaged for packaging
  • They offer a green tag for $1.00 at checkout to offset the CO2 emissions from the creation and shipping of the cereal. 100% goes to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation who invest it in renewable energy projects
  • This company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you don't like your custom cereal for any reason, they will send you a new one!
For a fairly new company, I am impressed with their "green" dedication!!  

A little about the company: (the following is from the website)-

"[me] & goji is dream of adam & alexander.we are two friends combining our passions for healthy, good-tasting food, unique products, and thoughtful design: cereal couture, if you will. our mission-driven company believes in using our resources in ways that benefit social and environmental needs."

If you can't decide what ingredients to blend together, they do offer  premade recipe creations that you can order already blended. 

There are approximately 15 servings per cereal capsule, and to get a comparison to the traditional boxed cereal, see their comparison chart.

I truly enjoyed my experience with [me] & goji and highly recommend it to anyone who has special dietary needs such as gluten sensitivity as they do offer gluten-free cereal choices or for any one of you who want cereal YOUR way! I give my seal of approval to Alexander, Adam, Carl and the whole staff at [me] & goji.
I would highly encourage you to visit [me] & goji at the following venues:

What are you waiting for.....start creating!

Until next time....


This is awesome. I am heading over there right now. Your recipe sounds delicious! What a great product and a great way to deliver some yummy goodness to everyone.

This sound wonderful! I always wish I had a few new options for cereal when we go shopping and this sounds like just the thing! thanks :D

Yummy! Love trying out new cereals!

Oh..Delish! And I love your name Headache Healer - I will take 2 please - LOL!

with 4 kids you know i get headache's I so need this! thanks

I would love to be able to mix my own blend of cereal and i like how it wont go stale! Although I bet it is so good, it will be gone long before it goes stale!

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