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Monday, September 6, 2010

Car Show (Lots of pics)

Now, I wasn't even going to take pictures of the car show my family attended on Saturday, but my hubby convinced me that I needed to post something for the men out there that like to read blogs. So, as you drool and reminiscence over all these classic, vintage cars and trucks, you can thank my husband!!! We had a great time, and the children loved seeing all the neat "hotrods". Hope you enjoy!

To see the photos in more detail, simply click on them to enlarge!!!

Until next time...


WOW!! Those cars look awesome!! Haha -- I'll have to show my hubs this post :)

What a great blog!! I am really enjoying looking around. Thanks for sharing!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ colieskitchen.com BTW I found you on Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop!!

Just hoppin by, Those cars are soooo cool!

So I'm not normally a car person, but that orange one in the 5th one down looks so cool!!!

(I have a giveaway linky on my blog if you'd like to add yours to it!)

I'm a new follower! :)

I am sort of a car person.My parents go to car shows almost every weekend. My Dad loves his cars! He has a '74 Nova, just sold a '59 VW bus, and has a VW bug (not sure of the year)...this has been a constant in my life - they are fun.

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