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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tresia's Antiques

After the insurance adjuster called to inform us that the van was officially "totaled" from the wreck that occurred earlier in the week, we all piled into the little Ranger truck and decided that just for fun, we would drive around looking at used car lots to see what we could purchase as a potential replacement vehicle. We found something we loved straight away, but decided it best to continue looking to see what all else was out there and make an informed decision before purchasing (if we don't simply pay off the loan and continue toting the family around in the small Ranger until next summer). Besides, it gave us something to do instead of being stuck at home!

We made our usual "loop" that we do when we are on the search for something that we can't find in our own home town area, and this time when we passed Tresia's Antiques in Southfork,Mo  my husband actually turned around at first request (maybe my love for antiques is rubbing off on him)!  It was a good call as Tresia had a great assortment of items to admire!

To see more details in the photos, simply click on them to see the photo enlarged.

I love seeing the color red in old antiques, and odd colors such as the turquoise chair below. My grandparents  had these sort of metal chairs in their backyard. Brings back memories.  I have seen people turn those old soda crates (middle photo) into decorative shelving. Notice the old fire hydrant in the far corner photo. I don't know what one would use it for, but it appealed to my firefighter husband!

My husband has been on the look out for an old wringer-washer machine so that he could utilize the wringer to squeeze out shams and such in his detail shop. When he asked her if she had any, she brought him to this antique wringer system. It folds down somehow and makes a table as well. I had never seen one quite like it.  I fell in love with the cast iron bed (top left) as well as the old milk bottles and wheels.

Now in this next photo, I showcase some of my favorite items from Tresia's Antiques. I want those big advertisement jars (I think they were once used for flour) to put pasta, flour, sugar and so forth in, and I think that little tractor stool would be adorable in my son's cowboy themed bedroom.  The bowl in the upper right hand corner, looks similar to one I used to own, before my love affair with vintage bowls began--and I actually sat it outside full of water for the dog to drink out of, of which, he broke. I could kick myself for that now. The bicycle on the bottom left is a JC Higgins bike and although really cool to look at, not really worth much for collecting as it is the girl's version. I still love the colors and shape of it!  The middle photo of the old doors and ladders just makes me smile. That shabby chic, chippy paint look is comforting to me for some odd reason.

Here is some neat vintage stoves and a custom made bench made from a former church pew, along with some other interesting pieces that could quickly enhance one's decor.  I didn't look at the mugs on top of the stove--didn't even notice them except for in this photo. I wonder if they are Fiesta?!

Glasswares and more. I love how she displayed the cookie cutters in the big glass jar.

Now, here are some of the more unique items!  The Pennzoil can at the top was HUGE and it would make an interesting conversation piece. The Knight would also raise a few questions if displayed in one's home, but I think it could be pulled off in the right environment. Enlarge the pic to see the details in the sink hardware-simply beautiful!!!

The owner of the shop was a really nice lady named Tresia and she didn't even seem to mind that we showed up to look at a few minutes before 5:00. Her shop spilled out into the yard and it was sweet bliss!! One of the best stops in a long time. She didn't have anything too unusual, but what she did have were the type of items that designers flock to get their hands on. The children enjoyed the view as well:

Speaking of children, below are some of the older wagons, trikes and horses found throughout...

And of course, some evidence that we are indeed...in the South!

Throughout the shop, she had several displays of rolling pins. Although I do not own one myself, I think they would be a neat collection and I like how versatile they are in regards to decorating. I especially liked the hanging pins in the upper right hand corner.

I do not currently "collect" anything, but my top choices would be:

  • Mr. Peanut memorabilia
  • Vintage Jack in the Box
  • View Master Reels
One of these days, I will start getting serious about collecting those sort of things. Until then, I'll continue to window shop and admire the uniquities I find off the beaten path. 

What do you collect? How did you start collecting that particular item? Share the story behind it!



I collect mugs, crazy isn't it hehehe.

Have you ever watched American Pickers? They would SO love that place! Following you from Mingle Monday. Would love for you to stop my blog and return the favor!



Mugs sound fun. I wouldn't have the cabinet space...lol.

Jennifer, I am a die-hard fan of American Pickers. I grew up a few towns over from where they live, on the Mississippi River. No one bothers me when MY pickers are on...lol. Thanks for the visit!


Thanks for the visit and follow;) I too thought of American Pickers when I saw the photos! So glad that you and you're kids were safe in your accident!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved looking at the pictures of all the different things at that shop. I wish something cool like that was near my town.

Thanks for stopping by. I am your newest follower.:) What a brilliant blog! I love the painting you used for the header.

I collect shot glasses or "toothpick holders" as they call them in Disney World. We get one from every place we visit and now you have given me the idea to look for old ones too! :)

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