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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PR Welcome

Welcome! If you are an individual, company or advertising agency that would like Critique of the Unique to review a product and/or host a giveaway, feel free to contact me with your product information and opportunity. All requests are welcomed and will be considered!

Here is who we have available to test your products:

Mom--otherwise known as Hazel.  I enjoy learning more about green and organic living and anything health related. I love art-- especially folk art, hippy and shabby chic design, trees, nature and architectural elements.  Cookbooks and kitchen gadgets are another passion of mine and I love anything homemade, creative and unique.  My interests include photography, computers, gadgetry, home decor, writing and traveling.

Dad--otherwise known as Scott. My husband is the typical guy and loves tools, home improvement items, lawn care, hunting and fishing items and anything to do with fixing things. He is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and can be found most weekends working in the yard, hanging out in the "man shop", playing drums or cooking on the grill.

The Boy and The Girl--otherwise known as our rugrats!! Our children love anything kid-related and are great for product reviews as they have that kid-honesty and are not afraid to voice their opinions!! The girl loves barbies,  music and writing in her journal.  She is very artistic and loves arts/crafts and photography.  The boy loves anything that moves...cars, airplanes, etc and collecting cards of all sorts. He has discovered the joys of video games and loves anything that makes noise!  They are both very active and spend most their time on their bikes, swimming or playing outside...oh, and eating!!

We would love for you to choose Critique of the Unique to review your product.  We only ask that you follow these simple guidelines:
  1. I do ask that a full size product be supplied in order for us to give an honest and informed review of your product.  This product will not be returned.  If you are a new company, I completely understand that full size products may not be available. Please contact me and we can work out alternative arrangements. 
  2. Reviews will be posted within 30-45 days of receiving product.  Usually, it is much sooner but this time frame allows for the unexpected and gives adequate time to review the product.
  3. I will link the contact person to the review once it is published on my blog.  Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
  4. Giveaways will run from 2 weeks up to one month, depending on the product and amount of exposure. If the product is not getting a lot of exposure, I will extend it to allow more time for readers to be aware of your product. During this time, I will promote the giveaway on other blogs and websites to increase exposure.
  5. For product exposure, I will link readers to the product's website, Twitter account and/or Facebook account, if desired.  If you would like any other method, please specify in the form below under the pitch description. 
  6. If hosting a giveaway in conjunction with the review (recommended), I do ask that the giveaway product be shipped to the winner within three weeks of winner being chosen.  The contact information for the winner will be provided to you so that you can ship it directly to the winner.  
  7. I am not responsible for any lost, misplaced or otherwise not received product to the winner, however, I will follow through to assure that the product was sent. To make it easier on both ends, providing a shipping tracking number is advisable. 
  8. Please contact me using the PR Inquiry Form below to host a giveaway and/or request a product review to further work out the details and agreement conditions.  Unsolicited products arriving on my doorstep, may or may not be chosen for review, but all products received will become property of the blog owner and will not be returned. 
  9. Understand that I retain the right to decline any inquiry submitted and am under no obligation to review a product simply because an inquiry was made. 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.



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