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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road Side Mayhem

A few days ago, I convinced my husband to stop at a flea market located on the outskirts of town. I had been there prior, many years ago, and I thought it would be fun to share the oddities this little place has to offer. It could be considered a roadside attraction of sorts as it has been featured in newspapers, locally and afar, and travelers often stop in to gander at all the nostalgia. There is a little bit of everything, but it is a paradise for anyone who collects...well, anything!

The main attraction would have to be all the signs! From road signs to old advertisement signs to common street signs. What you can't see is that behind these buildings, there are piles and piles of these signs and who knows what else!

I am on the hunt for several items...old watering cans, shabby fence post tops and unique frames.  I find none of that here, but do enjoy the look on my husband's face as he takes it all in. There is so much to see that it isn't possible to grasp it all in one visit (well, not unless you can take your sweet time, of which, I cannot do with husband in tow). I mentally check in my head the things I want to return to get "in the future".

Straight away, my husband spies a cement stepping stone that has a Maltese Cross inlay. Since he is a volunteer firefighter, he gives me that look (you know the one--the one that tells you he wants it) and I start a tally in my head of our "purchases".

1 Stepping Stone of the Firefighter Variety = $7.95

We make our way to the entrance and we are greeted by a man sitting behind the counter. It's a hot day and he seems to be appreciative of the air conditioned atmosphere in which he spends most his days. The shop inside is a little crowded, but there is absolutely no wasted space. The shelves are lined from floor to ceiling and several things are even attached to the ceiling!

I go one way, and my husband goes another. Of course, I am admiring the old milk bottles, glassware and kitchenware, and when I finally catch up with him, he is in room with all the tools (sorry guys, I didn't take a picture of all the tools...isn't one wrench the same as any other wrench?)

There is a huge selection of steins, glasses, bottle caps, car emblems, agriculture and early automotive remnants. However, what catches my eye is two iron Mr. Peanut banks. There is a small one and an identical medium size one. I already own a large one and have it displayed as a door stop in my living room and I really really wanted these two as then I would have a small, medium and large Mr. Peanut family!  They aren't that attractive (and definitely not old), but hold sentimental memory for me. I used to live across the street from a grain factory where someone had climbed to the top of the grain factory and painted a huge Mr. Peanut man.  It could be seen from a great distance and I remember following that visual home from school each day! Every time I see a Mr. Peanut man, it reminds me of my roots and I am just sappy like that!

1 large Mr. Peanut bank = $9.95

1 small Mr. Peanut bank = $4.95

There is a room full of collector edition Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning and other brand collector cars ranging in size, most new in the package. There is also a room for the girls with collector edition Barbies and it is at this point that I am thankful we do not have the children with us!

At this point, I've completely lost the hubby. After venturing through a set of doors that led me out of the main store building and into a stream of oddly connected buildings, I find room after room filled with an assortment of collections. From old oil cans, to farm implements, to old telephones and of course Pez dispensers... and everything in between.

Remember pop (a.k.a soda) in a bottle? My mother had an addiction to Pepsi-Cola in the bottle and I was allowed two a day! They just tasted so much better from a bottle than a can!
 It isn't long before my husband catches up with me and informs me that he has found a firefighter vest that he needs to carry in his vehicle. It is the kind with the reflective tape to keep him all safe while directing traffic in automobile wrecks and is identified on the back as "Fire Dept". I know he needs it and it is new and at a fair price, so....

1 Stepping Stone of the Firefighter Variety = $7.95
1 large Mr. Peanut bank = $9.95

1 small Mr. Peanut bank = $4.95

1 Firefighter Safety Vest = $9.95

We head back to the front building and pay for my husband's great finds (and I am pleased that he found something, as it means he might agree to stop at the next flea market we come across). Back outside, we admire once again:

With everything we looked at, there are a few things that I feel stood out for their unique factor.  The prize for the "MOST UNIQUE" goes to these:

NUMBER ONE: I absolutely love this display with empty bottles on it. I don't think I'd want one in my own yard, but something about it just appeals to me. I can't quite explain why.

NUMBER TWO: I am not even certain what this is, but it looks like something from the Flintstones! It is even decorated with the Bedrock curtains! Very original and I so wanted to be able to take a peek inside, but alas, the fence made it clear that it was "off limits"!

NUMBER THREE: In the same regard as above, I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to represent, however imagine pulling into your favorite campground with this!

All in all, a worthy stop! Until next time....



Not sure why the spaces are so widespread and for some reason I couldn't correct them, despite my trying, so my apologies to those that made it through it all. Thanks so much!

That looks sooo awesome! I love Flea Markets!

Those Flintstone Campers---are actually FLINTSTONE CAMPERS! They were used in one of the Flintstone movies...I think the first one---w/Rosie O'Donnell!
-Kelly M.

I would have been in heaven! Look at all that fabulous stuff! I love that show American Pickers! Stopping by and following from TTA!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! That place looks like a fun place to spend a couple hours, just going through stuff and putting together ideas on how to use it! :)
I'm following you back! Can't wait to read more.

I really enjoyed this blog. I liked the way it felt like you were a friend of mine telling me all about this shop you found on a vacation. I love the idea of bringing the hubby in and spoiling him.
I hope you get your Mr. Peanuts. I'm a lot like that, way sentimental over things that people would call junk. I have an outhouse door handle that my grandfather made and I wouldn't take all the money in the world for it. I chuckled when I saw all your photos of bottles only to tell the guys 'hey a wrench is a wrench'. I could just hear all the guys saying and a 'bottle is a bottle'. Absolutely great read, love the blog. I stopped into follow you back from a previous FF. Have a great week!

Hey There!

Sorry Im a while late, But I just wanted to say thank for joining in on Wobble Over Wednesday. I am now following you back :)

-Amanda T

Oh! And one more thing. Sorry! I thought you might like to see my Mr Peanut. I made him from clay :D

Heres the link, just scroll down a little :)


A local agency in Charlotte has a wine bottle tree like the one pictured in # 1. I love #2! I want it!

New follower from Wobble Over Wednesday


Oh my gosh!! WOW!! I can't even come up with words for these pics!!

I am your newest follower!! I am looking forward to reading more on your site!

I hope you will follow me back at


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