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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Me

A little about me: 

One of the hardest things to write about is myself, as I never really know where to start or when to finish, but, I will give it a shot. I was born one cold November morning, a few days before Thanksgiving, although I should have been a Christmas baby.  I was a preemie you see, and spent the first few weeks of life in an incubator as my...hmm, perhaps that's too early to start!!

Let's try again! Fast forward a lot of years and it's 2010 and I'm living in North Arkansas, raising two crazy, rambunctious (but still adorable when they want to be) children and married to the love of my life!! I've just graduated with my LPN degree and am in the debating process of whether to go on to RN school or to pursue my Social Work degree...or to do both and combine them for the ultimate dream job (which I know does exist and I will find it with enough determination).

I'm still dabbling in my hobby of photography, but have abandoned my hobby of writing poetry (my muse went on vacation) although, I do hope to write more in the future. I love antiques and architectural elements  and enjoy the hunt of finding treasures at flea markets and yard sales. Something about seeing an item that has lasted through the years brings a smile to my face. I love art--all kinds (my latest fascination is tree and nature prints)and find it amazing the talent people have and although I have no talents (aside from being able to pick things up with my toes), I do admire those that can make something from nothing. I suppose that is a bit of the inspiration that created this blog. I want to be able to showcase items that are unique, handmade, organic, or just innovative and new!

I have recently developed a huge interest in the foods my family eats, and although I am far from "healthy",  I have a strong desire to change our eating and living habits to include more organic vegetables and free range meats and focus more on putting our lives back to basic in all aspects (albeit, I do not see me losing my gadgets as I am a bit of a gadget junkie). I want to get healthy, instead of just talk about it, as I hope to be around to be a torment to my children for a long time to come!

If you ever want to know more about me (I can't imagine that being the case), or have any comments, suggestions or concerns about this blog, feel free to .  If you are an individual, company or agency that would like me to review a product or host a giveaway, please visit the PR Welcome page.



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