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Friday, June 18, 2010

Frogs will be Frogs

The swamp, as we have so nicknamed the pond that sits on the far right side of our property line, is void of two residents with the possibility of a steady decline in population. Is it due to the dry weather conditions? Or is it possibly from the two large dogs that think the pond is their personal playground? Has the frog population decreased due to frog poachers? What has caused the frogs to disappear??

Just like George and Weezie Jefferson, they are simply moving on up!! These frogs have gone from pond scum to pool side!  Ever since we set it up, the little fellows have been hiding out beneath the top ring of the pool. Occasionally they can be seen taking a dip in the water and sometimes they serenade us with a song!  But never fear, these little guys are harmless....

 AHEM!! I mean, these little fellows would never purposely attack an innocent bystander. They fear you more than you fear them.  Ignore them and they will go away. They would never hurt a fly.                  

On the other hand, wouldn't a frog be kin to....GODZILLA!!!!

Run...run for your life!!! 

Oh wait....it's all good! Just checking things out from a different view!

Have a safe and Happy Summer....and remember, never leave children unattended with frogs. 

No frogs were harmed in the production of this article.



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hi hazel! love the frog on your adorable guy's head!!

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Haha...this post made me laugh! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm following you now. Feel free to stop by and follow if you get a chance. :)

cute! i have a friend who ADORES frogs! and she's 21!

i'm now following! feel free to stop by if you'd like!

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