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Monday, March 21, 2011

Zarbee's All Natural Children's Cough Syrup Review

Product: Zarbee's All-Natural Children's Cough Syrup
Category: Health and Fitness
Distributed by: Honey Naturals LLC
Price: $7.99

My children had a great winter, hardly getting anything but a runny nose! I thought we had made it into the clear with the warmer weather coming soon, but low and behold, right before the onset of Spring, both of my kiddos come down with the cough. It started as soon as I woke them up for school and I would have thought it was their way to try to get out of going to school, but my son's coughing nearly had him choking as it was so continuous.  I thought about keeping them home, but then I remembered the cough syrup that I had been waiting to review called Zarbee's.  Zarbee's is an all natural cough syrup made by a pediatrician named Zak Zarbock who wanted to offer his young patients cough relief medicine that wasn't laden with drugs or alcohol. That is when he developed his natural remedy using antioxidant-rich dark honeys, Vitamin C and Zinc. 

My daughter is the worst when it comes to taking medicine and if it tastes bad, she'll spit it out (even though she is almost 12), so I gave her a dose first. I didn't want her brother influencing her idea of the taste. The sample that I received for review had a natural grape flavor. She did that little "poke test" first, sticking her tongue just barely on the spoon and pulling it back. Her eyes lit up... "more", she said, so I gave her the full teaspoon dose. She didn't spit it out!! When I asked her how it tasted, her response was "good". No drink afterwards either! Wow...that impressed me! Next was my son's turn and he didn't hesitate taking the full teaspoon dose. "Not bad" he said. Mary Poppins would have been proud! He was headed out the door to go to school, so I had to remind him not to go to the school nurse for "medicine" until after lunch as one dose is good for four hours! When they came home from school, I didn't hear one cough from either of them! I didn't have to repeat the dose at all. 

I was quite impressed with Zarbee's! Not only was it 100% natural but it is naturally gluten, dye and preservative free and contains no drugs or alcohol and it WORKS! It is safe and effective for children 12 months and older. With so many recalls of medicines on the market, I felt good giving my children an all natural product that did not contain the risks as other over-the-counter medications. I am a convert and won't be purchasing anymore alcohol based cough syrup for my children! 

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of buckwheat and other dark honeys, water, natural flavors, Vitamin C, malic acid, zinc gluconate and tartaric acid.

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