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Thursday, January 13, 2011

CInch! by Cynthia Sass Review and Giveaway

Product: Cinch!
Author: Cynthia Sass
Category: Health and Fitness, Books
Price: $25.99

Did your waistline expand after all that Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham? If so, then Cynthia Sass's book Cinch! will help you to get back into those favorite pair of jeans! Cinch! is the new book just released by Cynthia Sass, the coauthor of the Flat Belly Diet which became one of the New York Times bestselling books. Cinch! will help to conquer your cravings, drop those pounds and lose inches!

The Cinch! plan that Cynthia has devised is based on a twenty-five day plan. You have the option to start with the 5-Day 5-Food Fast Forward plan that helps to jump start your weight loss by eating a combination of  five delicious ingredients including spinach, raspberries, almonds, eggs and yogurt. I know it doesn't sound like much food, but don't worry, you will have plenty to eat as you will use these five ingredients to plan four great meals a day!  She gives you some basic rules:

  • Eat Like Clockwork
  • Think "Five Pieces Four Times a Day"
  • Make Flavor Your Focus
just remember:
  • Eat your first meal within one hour of waking up
  • Eat one of each meal per day, in any order, but be sure to space them out evenly throughout the course of the day
  • You can only eat the foods, beverages and seasonings listed 
The 5-Day Fast Forward is designed to help you lose up to seven pounds in one week, giving you the motivation and the confidence to embark on the journey to cinch that waistline! During this time, Cynthia encourages you to keep a diary that helps you to record the changes that are going to occur within your body,  such as if you are experiencing more energy, as well as other physical signs that the diet is having a positive effect. She also encourages you to record the emotional challenges that you might be facing at the start of this diet. Change is hard and so often we use food to help us quell our personal grievances and daily stressors, and this opportunity allows you to identify the emotions felt while you are omitting some of the foods that you have been accustomed to eating. 

After the 5-Day Fast Forward, then you are ready to begin the Cinch! plan. During this time, Cynthia shares with your the best choices for foods to eat, beverages to drink and spices to use to help you on your journey toward losing the pounds. She gives you great clues toward learning portion sizes at a glance, such as:
  • 1 cup = a baseball
  • 1/4 cup = a golf ball
  • 3 ounces = a deck of cards
  • 1 tablespoon = your thumb, from where it bends to the tip
These are quick and easy tricks to help you identify proper portion sizes! She urges you to use organic foods whenever possible, but gives the okay to substitute non-organic food selections if you are not able to find organic in your area. In Cinch!, you will find out why processed foods are not healthy, the role digestion plays in your health and foods that are actually considered "super foods" as they help to increase your metabolism, which in turn helps you lose weight even faster!

My thoughts: This book is good start for someone wanting to make a lifestyle change, as often starting a diet is the hardest thing. However, I found the book a little hard to navigate as it seemed as if the chapters jumped around too much and the organization was not the best. Cynthia Sass does have a lot of information to anyone who has never dieted prior, but I don't feel there is enough new information in her book for anyone who has been in a dieting situation in the past. The foods for the plan do not fit my tastes, and even though some substitutions are allowed, I don't feel I could stick with the choices available. I am not crazy about nuts, raspberries, or eggs and only eat them in slight moderation. Therefore, the quick 5-Day Fast Forward would not be an option for me. There were plenty of recipes included for the month long plan  that actually sounded good....such as the Citrus Salmon Salad, the Mediterranean Shrimp Pizza, and the Chilled Lentil and Wild Rice Salad. Therefore, some of the combinations are feasible and even desirable to eat, and I especially loved that she encourages you to eat chocolate everyday!!  The concept is that denying yourself of a little guilty pleasure will make you more apt to abandon your diet, so allowing yourself a portion controlled dessert is the best way to keep the motivation to maintain the diet. 

What I loved about the book is that Cynthia provides grocery lists to make shopping for the recipes a cinch! It does allow you to remove the unhealthy options from your diet, which in return will allow your body to detox from the unhealthy diet you have been used to, and for this reason alone, this book could help prepare yourself toward a healthier eating plan.  I like that it included options for vegetarians and vegans as well. It's a great starting point, and if you like the main ingredient types listed in the plan, then you will indeed see some result from this diet, especially if you combine it with proper rest and exercise. 

Where to Purchase: Amazon.com

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